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Fans of Community made their voices heard outside of Rockefeller Center by singing "Oh Christmas Troy" to the masses. "Merry Christmas everyone. The Glee club just became the History club"

Matthew A 7 years ago


A 6-8ft shark was found dead in the woods of Milton, New Hampshire nearly an hour away from the ocean. No one knows how it got there. This is some Unsolved Mysteries kinda stuff.

Matthew A 8 years ago

Really Great Parenting in Action

Some children are destined for great things. Other children are destined to work the pole... at the urging of their own parents.

Matthew A 9 years ago

10 Things LiLo Should Do With Her SCRAM Bracelet

Everyone's favorite Party Ginger was fitted with a SCRAM Bracelet to monitor her alcohol intake yesterday. Here are 10 suggestions for Lindsay on how to make the best of her situation.

Matthew A 9 years ago

Pussy Massage

Because cats just love doing that weird massage/kneading thing all the dang time. Especially to dogs.

Matthew A 9 years ago

Miley Cyrus' New Video is Very Restrained

Miley Cyrus has a new video out for her song Can't Be Tamed and let's just say that it's pretty reserved. She must be getting her video inspiration from Little House on the Prairie. Also, I'm lying. Totally slorish!

Matthew A 9 years ago

Let's Chop Up Pig Heads!

If there was ever a need for a Cold Steel Two Handed Great Sword it's obviously to cut the crap out of a severed pig head tied to a wooden post. So.much.meat.

Matthew A 9 years ago


The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres on May 3rd and it's going to be nuts! Prostitution Whores everywhere are rejoicing. Including myself. And the preview... laaaawdy!

Matthew A 9 years ago


Ducks are one of few bird species that have a penis. And boy do they know how to use it.

Matthew A 9 years ago


What do you get when a cat that's lived in a nursing home all its life starts predicting which patients will die next... THE SCARIEST EMEFFING ANIMAL ALIVE.

Matthew A 9 years ago

Dancing Pedro

Pedro may have a birth defect that stopped the growth of his spine, but that doesn't mean he can't shake it with the best of them. via

Matthew A 10 years ago