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    "Love Island's" Sexiest Challenge Yet Had All Our Hearts Racing, So I Ranked Every Version From Past Seasons To Now

    From Megan Barton-Hanson to Curtis Pritchard.

    If you haven't watched this year's islanders get down and dirty during the heart rate challenge, then you better because this was one of the best iterations by far!

    For those who aren't familiar with this classic Love Island challenge, basically the islanders are tasked with performing sexy stripteases for one another to see who's hot for who. Then the results are revealed at the end, usually leading to dramz.

    A picture of Amber Rose Gill with a glittery envelope in her hands

    It's definitely one of my favourite challenges, so I've decided to rank 21 of the most unforgettable performances throughout the seasons!

    21. Charlie Radnedge – 2022

    A picture of Charlie Radnedge looking sweaty with his shirt off

    20. Alex George – 2018

    Dr. Alex George is seen shirtless and pouting

    19. Jordan Hames – 2019

    A picture of Jordan shirtless with an oily chest looking over

    18. Mary Bedford – 2021

    A picture of Mary Bedford in a Little Mermaid costume smiling

    17. Liberty Poole – 2021

    A picture of Liberty in a cow girl outfit

    16. Tyler Cruickshank – 2021

    A picture of Tyler Cruickshank in sports gear holding a basketball

    15. Mike Boateng – 2020

    A picture of Mike Boateng in a waiters outfit with his arms open wide

    14. Chris Taylor – 2019

    A picture of Chris landing a flip

    13. Tasha Ghouri – 2022

    A picture of Tasha midway through whipping her hair

    12. Paige Thorne – 2022

    A picture of Paige Thorne sporting a silver wig and a red swimsuit

    11. Jake Cornish – 2021

    A picture of Jake in a viking costume

    10. Wes Nelson –2018

    A picture of Wes Nelson shirtless with a hand on his chest

    9. Megan Barton-Hanson – 2018

    A picture of Megan dressed in a revealing Moulin Rouge outfit smiling

    8. Davide Sanclimenti – 2022

    A picture of Davide with a mask and cape

    7. Amber Rose Gill – 2019

    A picture of Amber in a corset and skirt

    6. Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu – 2022

    A picture of Ekin-Su looking away while Dami's head is in her chest

    5. Indiyah Polack – 2022

    A picture of Indiyah holding a feather while straddling Jay's lap

    4. Maura Higgins – 2019

    A picture of Maura in a cat outfit with matching ears

    3. Ovie Soko – 2019

    A picture of Ovie Soko taking his jacket off

    2. Danica Taylor – 2022

    A picture of Danica sitting on Andrew's lap dancing

    1. Curtis Pritchard – 2019

    Curtis Pritchard in a carnival costume dancing

    Do you agree with my ranking? Let me know in the comments! And if you want more content on the show, check out our recent vid with the one and only Iain Stirling!

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