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    21 Moments From "Moesha" That'll Stick With Me Forever

    "Mo to the, E to the..."

    When we start talking about shows from the '90s, you can't miss out Moesha. I recently watched the show, and there were so many cute moments and a lot of hard-hitting topics conquered that are still relatable today.

    So here are 21 moments from Moesha that are unforgettable.

    1. When Kim proved everyone wrong by getting on the cheerleading squad.

    2. I was swooning over Jeremy when he started playing his own track outside Moesha's house.

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    That moment when Jeremy – played by Usher – was trying to win over Moesha's heart by playing one of his hit songs outside her house. I still wish to be serenaded by a singer, and I'm sure you do too.

    3. When Moesha's friends invited all her past boyfriends to her 18th birthday party.

    4. When Moesha thought her butt was too big because of a list going around school.

    5. When Kim heard Moesha and Neicey talking behind her back, and made her question their friendship.

    6. When we saw the start of a blossoming father and son relationship between Hakeem and Frank.

    7. When Moesha got a tattoo...

    It's a close-up on Moesha's rose tattoo.

    8. ...And shortly after she decided to leave home for the first time.

    9. When Myles and Moesha shared this cute moment.

    10. When Moesha caught Hakeem and Neicey kissing!

    11. When Moesha agreed to go on a date with David and found out exactly what he wanted in return.

    12. When Myles got uncomfortable by the comments his friends made about Dee.

    13. When Moesha secretly set Theresa up with a guy, but it didn't end well.

    14. When Moesha and Matt decided to go on a date, but it turned nasty very quickly.

    15. When we were all shocked Myles was smoking.

    16. When Moesha decided to speak up about her history teacher's racist remarks, and others stood with her.

    17. The controversial moment when Moesha's teacher kissed her.

    18. No one saw it coming when Merv drugged Moesha, but thankfully Aaron stepped in to save her.

    19. When Antonio's mural was defaced and the whole school was in uproar.

    20. When Moesha started a rumour about Omar that was spread around school.

    21. And finally, when we found out Frank was the father of Dorian.

    Let us know if I missed any other memorable moments in the comments below, and you can watch all six seasons of Moesha on Netflix in the UK.