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    21 Moments From "Moesha" That'll Stick With Me Forever

    "Mo to the, E to the..."

    When we start talking about shows from the '90s, you can't miss out Moesha. I recently watched the show, and there were so many cute moments and a lot of hard-hitting topics conquered that are still relatable today.


    So here are 21 moments from Moesha that are unforgettable.

    1. When Kim proved everyone wrong by getting on the cheerleading squad.


    Do you remember when Ashli was trying to get Moesha on the cheerleading squad, but instead ended up choosing Kim in the auditions? Even though Kim is the goofy one that no one took seriously, you couldn't take away her passion and determination. That's why she's one of my favourite characters!

    2. I was swooning over Jeremy when he started playing his own track outside Moesha's house.

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    That moment when Jeremy – played by Usher – was trying to win over Moesha's heart by playing one of his hit songs outside her house. I still wish to be serenaded by a singer, and I'm sure you do too.

    3. When Moesha's friends invited all her past boyfriends to her 18th birthday party.


    This was episode hilarious because it’s an unlikely situation many people fear. All of Moesha's exes were trying to win her over – from Jeremy singing "Happy Birthday" to her and Ohagi recycling the same poem, nothing did the trick. We thank god, because I was getting sick and tired of hearing the same poem over and over again! 

    4. When Moesha thought her butt was too big because of a list going around school.


    If you didn't know, back in the '90s, big butts weren't as glamourised as they are now. So when Moesha got voted "biggest butt" by her male peers, she went to great lengths to minimise it as much as possible. It didn't last long as Mo, Niecey, and Kim decided to make their own list, and for once, it was nice to see the tables turned. 

    5. When Kim heard Moesha and Neicey talking behind her back, and made her question their friendship.


    Your friends are supposed to be the ones that hype you up and be there when someone hurts you. But instead, Neicey and Mo were the ones to hurt her this time. Moesha accidentally forgot to hang up the three-way call with Kim, and she overheard them making fun of her weight. They miraculously patched things up later, after realising they all talk behind each other's backs. But it still makes me ask, should this be normalised?

    6. When we saw the start of a blossoming father and son relationship between Hakeem and Frank.


    Seeing Hakeem at that father and son breakfast sitting next to an empty chair really touched me. A lot of young men grow up without a dad, and Moesha tried to bring both Hakeem and his together, but sadly it never happened. Nevertheless, throughout the series, we got to see Frank become a parental figure in his life, and I loved this!

    7. When Moesha got a tattoo...

    It's a close-up on Moesha's rose tattoo.

    Who else would be scared of getting a tattoo while under their parent's roof? I’m an adult and I’m still afraid. This time Moesha surprised us all with how open she was about her new tattoo. She naively thought she wouldn't face any kind of scrutiny from her dad, but she was mistaken. Frank lashed out after seeing Moesha showcasing her tattoo, and harsh words were exchanged on his part, leaving Moesha in tears. 

    8. ...And shortly after she decided to leave home for the first time.


    I was holding my breath when Frank crashed the slumber party and saw Moesha and Jeremy walking down the stairs. Even though nothing happened, Moesha made it clear to her dad that there'd be no boys present. This was the last straw for both Frank and Moesha as he lost trust in her, and she retorted to moving out.

    9. When Myles and Moesha shared this cute moment.


    This scene nearly made me shed a tear. Moesha and Myles have always had a relatable sibling relationship, full of calling each other funny names and getting on each other's nerves. In this episode, we got to see them having a real moment as Myles was excited to take Moesha's room. But when he realised she was actually leaving, he couldn't come to terms with the fact he'd be alone. I don't know about you, but one look in those eyes and I wouldn’t be leaving!

    10. When Moesha caught Hakeem and Neicey kissing!


    I'm still trying to figure out whether I liked Moesha and Hakeem together, but It didn't last long as hearts did get broken. Hakeem found Neicey crying over her breakup with Gabe and comforted her, but let's just say I think they got a bit too comfortable, and you know what happened next... 

    11. When Moesha agreed to go on a date with David and found out exactly what he wanted in return.


    David Green had all our hearts until he messed things up with Moesha. Everyone made fun of his height, but that didn't phase him as his comebacks were ruthless! But after asking Moesha to attend the party with him at the den, she realised it wasn't the height that bothered her, but how rude he turned out to be.

    12. When Myles got uncomfortable by the comments his friends made about Dee.


    That moment when Myles put his friends in check was something to remember. I felt like a proud mum when I saw how he conducted himself – even though Myles was embarrassed by the situation we saw his maturity shining through. After asking Dee to change what she wore around them, he realised he was wrong. It was his friends that needed to change.

    13. When Moesha secretly set Theresa up with a guy, but it didn't end well.


    This may be an unpopular opinion, but in this episode, I disliked Moesha just a tad. Imagine thinking a guy really likes you, only to find out someone told him to do it out of pity – I would scream! It's the fact that she couldn't believe Noel genuinely liked Theresa. I think Moesha should've left the matchmaking to the professionals.

    14. When Moesha and Matt decided to go on a date, but it turned nasty very quickly.


    I don't know about you, but for me,  this one was hard to watch. Seeing two young people being mistreated just because of the colours of their skin is unbelievably cruel, but also very real. All it took was one date for both Moesha and Matt to say goodbye and there's an important message there that still applies today.

    15. When we were all shocked Myles was smoking.


    This episode hoped to provoke more healthy family discussions as we uncovered young Myles was smoking weed. Everyone's focus was on Moesha being the culprit, but no one spotted Myles' changes, and it led to the family coming together to figure out how to get through this.

    16. When Moesha decided to speak up about her history teacher's racist remarks, and others stood with her.


    Excuse me, Whoopi and Oprah?! Yes, if you remember correctly, that's what Moesha's professor called her and Neicey. After this remark, she confronted him about how uncomfortable she felt, and his response was, "You people are way too sensitive". It bothered Moesha, and it bothered me, so I'm glad she later called him out again in front of the entire class and ended up being triumphant.

    17. The controversial moment when Moesha's teacher kissed her.


    When Moesha offered to drive Channing to his exhibit, we knew that this was more than just a friendly student and teacher relationship. They shared a connection, and Moesha wanted her attraction towards him to be known. After they shared this inappropriate moment, Channing left due to personal reasons and came back in a later episode to pursue Moesha, and it didn't go well.

    18. No one saw it coming when Merv drugged Moesha, but thankfully Aaron stepped in to save her.


    I couldn't have been the only one that was angry when I saw Merv slip something into Moesha's drink. It was scary because Moesha was evidently out of it, and everyone else just assumed she was drunk. I couldn't shake the feeling that he was just moments away from taking advantage of her. It reminds us all that more conversations need to be had surrounding these topics.

    19. When Antonio's mural was defaced and the whole school was in uproar.


    One of the most insightful scenes from this episode was when Tyrone and Carlos put together a seminar to talk about racial tolerance. This was brought on after there was a divide between Latin American and African American students. Because it was Black History Month, Moesha wanted Black people to be included too, and her opinions followed with Antiono's mural being defaced. In the end, tensions eased after Antonio painted over his mural.

    20. When Moesha started a rumour about Omar that was spread around school.


    After her date with Hakeem’s cousin Omar, Moesha tells Kim and Neicey that she thinks he’s gay, and it doesn’t take long for the latest gossip to circulate around the school. At first, Omar denied it, but at the end of the episode, we saw him come out to Hakeem in his own time. This episode taught us why you shouldn't spread rumours.

    21. And finally, when we found out Frank was the father of Dorian.


    To us, Dorian was a child who seemed to need some direction in life, and the perfect place to get that was under the Mitchell household. That was until everyone's worlds turned upside down as Frank turned out to be Dorian's father. As viewers we saw Frank in a different light and this scene really conveyed the betrayal and emotions everyone felt towards him.

    Let us know if I missed any other memorable moments in the comments below, and you can watch all six seasons of Moesha on Netflix in the UK.