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If You Had To Make A TV Or Movie Character Your Friend, Who Would You Pick And Who Would You Pass?

Sorry, but I wouldn't hang with Moesha.

In most TV shows and movies, there are those characters you just ~know~ would make a great friend IRL!

However, there are also some you'd probably stay the hell away from if you ever met them for real.

What we want to know is – which TV show or movie character would you like to create a besties handshake with, and/or which character would you run a mile from if they tried to be your mate?

Maybe you think Alison from Pretty Little Liars was downright cruel, and had you questioning why the girls were even friends with her to begin with?

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But you think Cher from Clueless showed us all the true meaning of being a good friend!

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Perhaps you couldn't stand it whenever Moesha was a terrible friend to Kim, and thought she acted like she was better than everyone else on the show?

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But you think Damian from Mean Girls would have you dying of laughter whenever you needed it the most!

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Whomever it may be, let us know which TV/movie character you'd like as a friend, and/or which character you'd avoid and WHY in the comments, and your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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