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14 Things That Happen When You’re Sneaking Food

Sometimes, you just gotta take what you want.

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1. You try your best to be discreet in the middle of the night

2. You prance around on your toes to avoid stepping on a crack

3. But something still manages to randomly fall

4. You don't know what to steal first—so you take everything

5. Or you have your eye on that one piece of pie

6. You are faster than Swiper on "Dora the Explorer"

7. You indiscreetly stuff food into your mouth—QUICKLY

8. You try to chew quietly

9. The food has never tasted so heavenly

10. You're constantly checking to see if someone is coming

11. You shade someone for catching you stuffing food into your mouth

12. You try to play cool

13. You end up feeling terrible for partaking in such a thing

14. You take your last piece just for the memorabilia

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