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    9 Underrated "Glee" Characters

    The gleeks need to appreciate these characters more.

    1. Marley Rose

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    She was such an amazing character with an amazing voice. Her story was amazing, and I loved every aspect of her character. I cannot think of anything she did wrong on the show, like she was so unproblematic!

    2. Brittany Pierce

    Fox / Via

    The most underrated member of the Unholy Trinity! The gleeks understand the value of Santana and Quinn (who are amazing characters), but Brittany needs to be more valued!

    3. Mike Chang

    Fox / Via

    He's under appreciated by literally everyone! All he was credited as was a good dancer when Mike Chang was so much more. We only got one episode about mainly him, and it was based off of stereotypes so...

    4. Jane Hayward

    She had such a stunning voice! The Warblers didn't accept her into the glee club because she was a girl, and she deserved a lot more than to just be shown for a small period of time in eighth season.

    5. Sheldon Beiste

    COACH BEISTE!! He was literally an amazing character, and he supported Sam, Finn, and Puck in everything they chose. He supported EVERYONE! I just feel like Coach Beiste deserves some more love!

    6. Lauren Zizes

    WHY WAS SHE ONLY IN SEASON 2? Lauren was such an icon, and her relationship with Puck made him a better person! So please, why do we never talk about how amazing she is?

    7. Unique Adams

    Everybody, Unique is AMAZING. I understand that Unique was in the later seasons, so Unique won't live up to the originals, but oh my word, Unique had an amazing voice and deserves some respect!

    8. Dani

    She didn't even get a last name! It was so nice to see Santana have another relationship with someone that meant something to her besides Brittany. I loved Brittany and Santana and their relationship inspired me, but it would've been nice to see more of Dani and Santana.

    9. And Mercedes Jones

    Fox / Via

    I said it! Mercedes is an amazing, underutilized character who didn't deserve to be portrayed as the villain. She was in the right almost every SINGLE time, and she deserves more love from everyone!

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