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    Posted on 4 Nov 2015

    17 Reasons Parents Are Responsible For Every Desi Kid's Trust Issues

    So much betrayal.

    1. Because they always, always lie about the time when they wake you up.

    Being Indian / Via

    2. Because they tell you you're free to choose your subjects*

    Film Kraft / Via

    *In fields already chosen by them.

    3. Because they casually throw around threats like this all day.

    Kintop Pictures

    4. Because they summon us to the table saying dinner is getting cold, but serve it 10 minutes later.

    Kintop Pictures

    5. Because when we expected cookies, we got this shit.

    6. And when we expected ice cream in the ice cream container, we got dal.

    7. Because they told us we're "just leaving, beta" when they intended to stay another three hours at weddings.

    8. Because dad said smoking is bad, until you found out he started at 14.

    9. Because they said "It's the hard work that counts" but the report card is what truly mattered.

    Dharma Productions / Via

    10. Because they brag about how they were the best students ever, but never show you their report cards.

    BuzzFeed India

    11. Because some of us were told as children that we could get a pet "next year" and we're in our twenties now without a pet.

    Yash Raj Films

    (Looking at you, mom.)

    12. Because daily, we discover our relatives know all our embarrassing stories. Through our parents.

    "Of course I'm not going to tell them."

    *tells maasi*

    13. Because they'll find a way to bring up our "behaviour" when our friends are over.

    14. Because they suddenly "never lie" when it comes to our convenience.

    BuzzFeed India

    15. Because even though we tell them our hangout plans days in advance, they always claim we never told them.

    16. Because all the money guests gave us when we were kids was definitely spent by them.

    Yash Raj Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

    I'd like my Eidi money back with interest.

    17. And because when they say this, it's actually a trap.

    BuzzFeed India

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