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    25 Things That’ll Help You Live Your Best Life From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

    If you're half-sitting, half-lying in bed with your laptop on your belly, get up and check this out.

    1. Good morning, pal! Time for a shower. Make sure to take your water-resistant Bluetooth shower speaker to make sudsy time a lot more entertaining and wake you up with a jolt of energy. If you're the kind of person who absolutely needs to listen to music or your fave podcast while soaping up, this is a perfect pick-me-up for your morning.

    2. Let's start the day with coffee! This coffee filter cone will allow you to brew 1-2 cups without having to turn on your electric coffeemaker. Simply place it on top of your cup, put a filter in the cone, add coffee and hot water, and enjoy the delicious drip!

    3. And a handheld electric frother that'll add a burst of luxury to your morning beverage. It makes any ordinary cup of coffee look and taste like cafe quality, so you won’t miss your regular Tim’s coffee so much.

    4. If you're a savoury breakfast person, this sandwich maker will make you not miss your drive-thru egg and cheese in the morning. Just drop in your sandwich ingredients of choice and wait.

    5. But if you prefer things sweet, a jar of Lindt milk chocolate and hazelnut spread will help you start your day on a sugary note. Reviewers love that, unlike other spreads, this one doesn't have palm oil. Some even say it's the best chocolate-hazelnut spread they've ever tried.

    6. Oh, and don't forget to turn on your cup warmer so it can keep your tea, coffee, or soup warm for hours. It has a red light that allows you to see when your beverage is toasty and ready to be sipped, and a switch right next to the warming surface.

    7. Get that keyboard looking new with some lemon-scented cleaning putty that’ll get all the dust and crumbs settled inside. Once you’re done, just store it back in its container — you don’t even need to wash it.

    8. Grab your pair of over-ear headphones that'll help drown out the noise, so you can focus on finishing the tasks concentrate without being disturbed. Whether you're working from your bedroom, your balcony, or your backyard, these will ensure you stay uninterrupted.

    9. Put on a corrective brace so you're not slouching while you type away at your computer. It'll help you stay alert and upright, and it can help fix backaches and all your posture-related problems in the long run.

    10. Your battery-operated cinema light box will help you set the tone for your day, week, or month. Not only will it give your little home office more personality, it'll make for a pretty great Instagram prop, too. ;)

    11. Let's see — do you have any tasks on your minimalist grid panel on the wall? It can hold your photos, to-do lists, notes, and motivational messages, so you're always on top of your work. Also, it looks super cute!

    12. Oh, look, it's time for a conference call! Use your double-sided eyeliner pen if you want to look awake and made-up. It lets you stamp on a wing with one end, and line your eye with the other.

    13. Also, spritz a bit of this cult-fave dry shampoo to bring freshness back into your hair and make it look freshly washed. It'll leave your hair smelling great, too.

    14. Hope you're hydrating with your one-gallon water bottle every 20 minutes. That way, you won't have to get up and go to the sink every time you need a drink. You can throw in some slices of lemon and cucumber the night before and keep it in the fridge for some fancy ~infused~ water, too.

    15. Yay, it's lunch time. These reusable toaster bags will help you make a yummy grilled cheese sandwich without the stress of washing pans and utensils. Just slip the whole sandwich in a bag and let the cheese get gooey in your toaster. In no time, you'll be ready for a crispy, mess-free lunch.

    16. Get your salad chopper and bowl and whip up a crunchy, refreshing salad on the side, all without using your cutting board. You can just dunk the veggies, fruits, and leafy greens of your choice into the bowl and basically run them over with the rolling blade.

    17. Mmm, all full! Let's take a few minutes to put on a healing face mask that'll refresh your skin using the power of bentonite clay to work magic on your skin while you work on your computer. It's known to shrink the appearance pores and give your face an overall clearer look. Also, it has 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon Canada!

    18. The pupper wants to play, so give him/her an adorable dog plush toy that only dogs can hear squeaking, so your furry coworker can stay busy and entertained without distracting you (and driving you nuts) with noise.

    19. Make sure the 2-in-1 diffuser and humidifier is on where you're working, so your respiratory system is pampered while you work. It also functions as an essential oil diffuser, so you can enjoy the benefits and soothing fragrance of your favourite oils.

    20. All that screen time has got to take a toll on your eyes. Take a break to use your Bluetooth eye massager to diffuse out the pain and strain from your eyes. It uses a combo of hot compress, air pressure, and vibrations to gently melt away the stress.

    21. Snack time is here and this powerful bullet blender has just enough capacity to make a large smoothie or slushie. Pop your frozen fruits or veggies in and have a refreshing, filling drink in minutes.

    22. But if you feel like eating something crunchy, this hot air popper will help you make fresh popcorn in minutes! You can melt butter on the dish at the top while the kernels pop for a delectable drizzle.

    23. Let's move to a soft, shredded memory foam pillow that you can plop down anywhere to continue working in comfort, without falling asleep. It's like a portable couch for one — only more supportive for your neck and arms.

    24. Or, what the heck, get in bed with your portable and adjustable laptop table. It has a built-in vent, too, so your laptop won't overheat, as well as a cup ridge so your coffee doesn't slide and spill on your sheets.

    25. Phew. The work day is finally over. Let's unwind with this bestselling neck and shoulder massager that'll use heated shiatsu nodes to melt away any knots you might have in your shoulders and neck. The straps can be adjusted to fit you perfectly, and there are several kneading modes to choose from.

    You did it!

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