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23 Reasons Lilly "Superwoman" Singh Is The BFF You Need In Your Life

"What up, everyone, it's ya girrrrl Superwoman."

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1. She completely understands how you feel about sleeping.

iisuperwomanii / Via

2. And her analogies about it are perfect too.

3. She's sensitive about the right kind of things.

You are speaking to my soul.

4. And she doesn't get the same things you don't get.

iisuperwomanii / Via

Be a team at not understanding weird things like relationships.

5. Face it; you have felt this way for a long time.

iisuperwomanii / Via

6. She's not afraid to take someone down.

iisuperwomanii / Via

Take her to all your fights.

7. Her choice of weapons is fantastic.

iisuperwomanii / Via

Beat a kutthi with a jutthi.

8. If you write '5318008' and flip your calculator upside down at her, she'll get it. #TeamDorkster

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9. She has already had the major life problems you have.

10. She'll call you out on your shit ideas.

iisuperwomanii / Via

Thanks, Lilly, I needed that.

11. But her motivational words totally make sense.

iisuperwomanii / Via

Thanks, Lilly, I needed that.

12. She's fantastic at violent hugs.

iisuperwomanii / Via

A trait every BFF should have.

13. Who doesn't want to get drunk and do this?

MyHarto / Via

14. She has the ability to be your best girl friend, best guy friend, dad, mom, as and when required.

15. She can do the Carlton, which alone is enough to need her as a BFF.

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16. Are you similarly annoyed by the following trends? LEH, you're already best friends.

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17. Cheering you up comes at a cost of looking cray? She'll do it.

18. You'll never have to be embarrassed of your parents because she knows exactly what parents are like.

Teacher wants to meet one of your parents to complain about your behaviour? No problem, just give Lilly a call.

19. This is what happens when you Photobooth with her. You need this.

20. People of all ages love her.

21. You could use her masterful stalking skills.

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We all need a friend who can help with this.

22. Oh, did we mention she's a superstar?



23. And she has just enough swag for the both of you.


*Puts on 'Lilly Is My Homeslice' T-shirt*