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Dear White People: Here's Some Well-Intentioned Halloween Advice From India

Just some harmless pointers from us brown folk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi, everyone. Approaching us soon is Halloween, a super-fun time of the year. 🎃 👻

You get to dress in fun, scary, and quirky costumes and get in the spirit of all things autumn. The partying and trick-or-treating is awesome. HOWEVER, there are some things you may do that can really ruin other people's Halloween.

To keep things fun and not stupid and offensive, here are some well-intentioned pointers from us brown folk, so listen up:

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Avoid anything even close to what Heidi Klum is attempting here.

Joe Corrigan / Getty Images

Don't dress like an "adult Hindu goddess".

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Refrain entirely from this kinda dumbfuckery.

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At all costs.

enjoythenoww / Via

FYI: This is an everyday attire and not a funny or scary costume.

Don't wear any "Taj My Hall" costumes because that is nonsense.

Taj Mahal is a monumental tomb, not a costume theme.
Amazon / Via

Taj Mahal is a monumental tomb, not a costume theme.

If even one of you...


...does some shit like this...

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Or gets "inspired" by Iggy...

Universal Music Group. / Via



...or Gwen Stefani's Halloweenie aesthetic...

...we advise you to immediately drop the idea and choose to go as Chucky or Freddy instead.

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Stop this.

Just a humble request. Thanks, and happy Halloweening!

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