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    Watch These American Muslims Read Hate Comments About A Burnt-Down Mosque Daycare

    Ignorance is hilaaarious sometimes.

    On April 27, the daycare centre of a mosque in Hillsborough County, Tampa Bay, Florida, burnt down. Footage of this accident was posted on Facebook.

    Production company and activism page Peace House got a bunch of Muslim locals to react to the comments left on the video.

    The reactions were hilarious, even though the comments were extremely offensive.

    Mainly because most of them were mega dum-dum.

    Really, John? #Haraam

    People can be very ignorant and cruel to Muslims on the internet.

    But the good thing is they can also be stupid as hell, which makes for great comedy.

    Watch these American Muslims turn a depressing comments section into a laugh fest in the full video here:

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: video.php