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21 Things Only Desis Who Were Teenagers In The 2000s Will Understand

*writes long-ass testi for friend on Orkut*

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1. Early on the in decade, playing Snake whenever you waited for anything.


2. But later, getting an amazing 1.3 megapixel Sony Ericsson camera phone and taking high-contrast pics like this.

3. Google searching "Raghav Angel Eyes mp3 download free" and having the song download in a mere 20 minutes.

4. Realising internet speeds are A1 very late night to early morning and exploiting the shit out of these hours.

5. And then one day, experiencing the joy of having ~fast~ cable internet installed.

Dharma Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

Which isn't so fast at all by today's standards.

6. Streaming movies on Megavideo before it got shut down.

7. Getting random emotional lectures from your parents after watching Baghban.

B. R. Films

8. Watching Harshvardhan Nawate become the first man to win a crore rupees on Kaun Banega Crorepati.


9. Writing a sw33t n CutE "TeSti" 4 ur SpEciAl n ChArMiiNg BesT FrEnD on Orkut. =))

10. Seeing the advent of the soul patch after Dil Chahta Hai came out.

Excel Entertainment

11. Maybe catching up on some drama on MTV Roadies in the evenings.

12. Installing exclusively pirated AF software.

13. Burning CDs on Nero.

And trying to fill up that memory space most efficiently with the PERFECT amount of songs

And trying to fill up that memory space most efficiently with the PERFECT amount of songs

14. Using Limewire for all your downloadable entertainment needs.


15. Being completely unable to escape the songs of Dhoom 1 and 2.


Especially if your school/college bus driver kept playing them.

16. Seeing tattoo jewellery and hair beads take every girl in the country by storm.

17. And the Radhe Mohan hairstyle take the boys by storm.

Or having it yourself.
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Or having it yourself.

18. Skinny boys in baggy AF clothes and spiked up hair.


19. Just following WEIRD ASS fashion trends overall.

20. Cheering Abhijeet Sawant on in the first season of Indian Idol.

FremantleMedia Enterprises

21. And singing Zeest's "BC Sutta" with your friends at least once.

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