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    21 Gifts Under $10 That Your Valentine Will Thank You For

    Give one as an individual gift, or combine a few to create a hamper for your boo.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. An adult colouring book full of photos of scornful, triggered animals that'll channel exactly how you're feeling about everything.

    2. A shampooing tool that'll massage their scalp, without breaking the hair at the roots. I personally own and LOVE this product, and anyone who's into hair care will appreciate it.

    3. Some bestselling expanding phone grips that'll not only give their phone a mini makeover, but also help them watch cat videos in bed without dropping their brick of a phone on their face.

    4. A shiny makeup sponge holder that'll allow their sponge to dry properly. This will help their sponges last longer and stay cleaner.

    5. A pair of soft and cozy cable knit leg warmers that are super stylish, so you're still cool while you remain warm. 😎

    6. A delicious-smelling strawberry sorbet flavoured EOS lip balm that's petrolatum and paraben free, cute as a button, and will also be super quenching on your lips when they're chapped or windburned.

    7. A 50-piece pack of hilarious The Office stickers they can use to decorate their phone, laptop, water bottle, and pretty much anything they own.

    8. Or a Friends quiz book, so you can have a fun time testing each other's knowledge of the show.

    9. A set of beaded bracelets you can both share to signify how you complete each other.

    10. A jar of Lindt milk chocolate and hazelnut spread that's a surefire hit — who doesn't love chocolate spread???

    11. A contoured eye mask that'll let them enter deep slumber without putting any pressure on their eyes. What's better than the gift of fulfilling zzz's?

    12. A crew neck long-sleeved shirt that'll make them look absolutely scrumptious. It's made of a stretchy cotton blend that'll wash and wear well.

    13. The Body Shop's delicious body butter and shower cream set that'll leave them smelling like dessert.

    14. Or the British rose set, which is a refreshing way to give them Valentine's Day "roses".

    15. Some Nivea after shave balm for anyone with more sensitive skin. This one has a cooling and soothing effect, so they can ditch the stinging aftershaves and enjoy something more calming.

    16. An adorable little animal ring holder for them to store their rings and other baubles.

    17. An adorable keychain that'll serve as a sweet reminder for them to be careful on the road.

    18. A mini knife sharpener any home chef will appreciate to keep their blades razor sharp. They'll want to cut up ALL their veggies.

    19. Four pairs of stretchy rainbow laces that'll give a bright and colourful new makeover to their plain old sneakers. These have a 4.3-star rating and reviewers say they get compliments on them wherever they go.

    20. A nourishing hand cream for anyone who works too hard and could use the extra TLC.

    21. And lastly, a set of gold, cubic zirconia ear studs in different sizes that are bound to complement literally any outfit. There are size pairs in the set, so they'll always have little studs to throw on.

    When they see your gifts:

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