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We Stalked Daler Mehndi On Vine And We're Really Worried About Him

Everything OK, Daler?

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Hi, everyone. Here's Daler Mehndi, the Bhangra pop star who stole everyone's heart in the '90s and never gave it back.

He now has a Vine account full of videos that are basically the epitome of having too much time on one's hands.

When not making grade five sexual innuendos with disposable cola containers, Mehndi likes to DJ in public restrooms.

Or make his mates uncomfortable at a Chinese restaurant.

Or do whatever this is.

Or, you know, just do the chhola shuffleâ„¢.

Remember the girl who could make her eyebrows dance? Ain't got shit on Daler Mehndi's toes.

He also likes to make moving videos about saving water.

A tear just ventured down my face.

And he does other stoner things too, like telling the stories of helium balloons finally breaking free.

Life is like a permanent vacation for ya boi Daler, and his Vine account is a loud, resonating cry for help.

Is everything okay, Daler? Can we help?