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8 Indian Women Who Made Headlines For Calling Off Their Weddings

You may hate me but it ain't no lie. Baby, bye bye bye.

1. When a bridegroom wasn't great at maths so the bride stopped thinking he was a QTπ.

Nadiadwala Grandsons' (I)

The actual headline: "Indian bridegroom dumped over failed maths test".

2. And when another bride's impromptu IQ test and basic math questions were not answered correctly.

Vikramraghuvanshi / Getty Images

The actual headline: "Girl turns back 'out of touch' groom for flunking IQ test".

3. When a bride was totally done with her groom and his family criticising wedding lighting arrangements.

Aamir Khan Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

The actual headline: "Groom fights over lighting arrangements, bride calls off wedding".

4. When a woman's fiancé insisted she send him nudes so she not only cancelled the wedding but lodged a police complaint.

Subhash Ghai Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

The actual headline: "Man asks fiancée for nude selfie, she calls off wedding".

5. When a Kanpur bride showed the door to her baraat after her to-be father-in-law kissed her cousin.

Integrated Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

The actual headline: "Father-in-law kisses girl, bride returns baraat".

6. When a bride wasn't into it after her groom couldn't count currency notes.

SLB Films

The actual headline: "Indian bride calls off wedding after groom fails money counting test".

7. When a bride dipped out after her groom had an epileptic seizure. SHE THEN MARRIED A WEDDING GUEST.

Representational stock image via ThinkStock / Getty Images

The actual headline: "The groom was sick so the bride married a guest at her wedding in a fit of rage".

8. And when the groom came too drunk to his wedding, so the bride was like "Bye, Felipe."

Integrated Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

The actual headline: "Groom comes drunk, girl refuses to marry".

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