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    22 Stylish And Comfy Tops Under $50 For Anyone Who Really Misses The Mall Right Now

    Because you don't need pants for a Zoom meeting. 🙃

    1. A crop top that combines the childhood nostalgia of Sesame Street with the classic appeal of a plain white tee. It has a boxy, relaxed fit, so it'll keep your body cool and well-ventilated.

    2. A tie-front button-down, because you simply can't beat red flannel. No matter what the weather (or fashion climate), this classic Buffalo checker pattern will have looking up to date and feeling great.

    3. A juicy pink top that looks as comfy as cuddles and is knotted in the front for a fashionable touch. The long sleeves will make sure your wrists stay toasty on nippier spring days.

    4. A graphic black tank for anyone who loves astrology. If you're up to date on your sun or moon rising, this simple, yet edgy top will be a fun addition to your wardrobe.

    5. A knot-front top that glitters like the starlit sky. Layer it with a cropped turtleneck for a professional look, or sport it on its own for a night out — it doesn't even need extra work to be styled!

    6. A dressy turtleneck that you can wear with a skirt, pants, or shorts. The cuffed neckline is loose enough to keep you from feeling hot and suffocated, and the 3/4-length sleeves make the top even breezier, so you're more fashionista and less Elizabeth Holmes.

    7. A long black top that has high slits on the sides to allow you to move and stretch freely. It's made of soft ribbed jersey, so the roominess and movement isn't just limited to the slitted part! Just remember to take it off before bed, as it's easy to fall asleep in something so damn comfortable.

    8. A patterned turtleneck that puts a fun and fierce twist on animal print — adorable little lion faces! It's has a vintage-inspired cut and you can wear it alone for a playful look, or layer a denim jacket over it for a more casual vibe.

    9. A fitted sweater with a '70s Chevron design and a colour scheme to die for. The chunky, striped neckline will open up your shoulders, and the top is versatile enough to be worn with all kinds of bottoms, really.

    10. A lacy blouse that'll charm you with its sweetheart cutout chest and romantic frilly sleeves. Pick the white lace blouse for a daytime glam, or the black option for a sultry date night moment.

    11. A dark grey tee that'll let you show off your obsession with Friends without verbal references. It's soft (grey T-shirts are somehow more comfier than others, right?) and the uncomplicated cut makes it a dream to pair with all kinds of bottoms and layers.

    12. This chic red number with high-fashion puffed sleeves and a rectangular neckline, so you can feature your favourite necklaces. Whether you're having a little backyard picnic with your S.O. or sitting through another Zoom meeting, this top has you covered.

    13. A V-neck blouse with breezy, bouncy sleeves that'll make you look like a total dreamboat. It's cute for a night out or a professional meeting, or just for an impromptu photoshoot at home.

    14. A boxy high-necked tee that's effortlessly assertive. Layer a leather or denim jacket over it on a chilly day, or wear it on its own. It's a real ~power top~, if you will.

    15. An oversized polka-dotted shirt for all your mirror selfies. Do a cute French tuck to cinch it in, or wear loose with some denim shorts — you cannot go wrong here. Polka dots are always a win and anyone who says otherwise can catch me out at sundown.

    16. A knit sweater that you can layer over a T-shirt to keep cozy, or over a cami or bra to keep breezy. The mesh design keeps it looking dressed up, so you don't even have to pile on accessories.

    17. A satin blouse that'll give you the daintiness of a summer flower. The ruffles and hem-tie give it petal-like volume, and the thin straps are adjustable, so you can pull up or lower your neckline depending on how much skin you feel like showing off that day.

    18. A cropped T-shirt with a chunky checker pattern that upgrades it to a whole new level. The clean black lines are a dream for anyone who loves minimalistic design. This piece stays simple, yet impactful and fashion forward.

    19. A cropped denim button-down, because denim can't be limited to bottoms and jean jackets. It combines the grunginess of washed denim with the wearable coolness of cotton, so don't worry about sweating up a storm.

    20. A cozy cat hoodie-pullover that'll make you feel cuter than a kitten. The little cat ears are too adorable to handle, and the fabric is fittingly soft, too.

    21. A graphic T-shirt that's real-life, not just fantasy. It features a lyric from “Bohemian Rhapsody” (everyone’s favourite singalong song) alongside an illustration of the actual Galileo. You're definitely going to get compliments and quiet head-nods from fans.

    22. And lastly, an oversized turtleneck with dropped shoulders and that'll look casual-sexy with some leggings, and keep you so snuggled up, you won't need to layer. Blanket, but make it fashion.

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