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    29 Jan 2015

    This Open Letter To Honey Singh Slams Misogynistic Pop Music And Drops Every Mic

    "I'm not a woofer and you sure as hell ain't my amplifier. I mean, what are you? A fucking transformer?"

    YouTube channel Delhi Poetry Slam put up a video yesterday, where young female slam poet Rene Verma thrashed the vodka out of reputable misogynist and mainstream rapper Honey Singh.

    Rene served some killer references.

    Delhi Poetry Slam / Via

    And explored Honey Singh's rhyming techniques.

    Delhi Poetry Slam / Via

    Truth bombs were dropped.

    Delhi Poetry Slam / Via

    And mainstream male pop stars got poetry-slammed pretty damn hard.

    Delhi Poetry Slam / Via

    Hope you recover, Yo Yo and co. Get well soon.

    Best wishes.

    Watch Rene singe Honey Singh in the full video here:

    View this video on YouTube


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