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18 Times People Took Their Modi Obsession Too Damn Far


1. When a couple named their twin boys "Narendra" and "Modi".

2. When this not-at-all-disturbing thing happened.

3. When scriptwriter Chandra Mehendrou got this tattoo.

4. When supporters made an entire temple for NaMo in Rajkot.

5. When this patriotic parent changed the damn game.

6. When all of these games were developed.

7. When this "tribute" cake was frosted.

8. When this supporter forgot where to stop.

9. When a mobile phone named after him was launched.

10. When Censor Board Chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani made this awkward patriotic song dedicated to the PM.

11. When Arun started seeing Modi in everything.

12. When a guy decided to wear this ~understated~ hat to a cricket match.

13. When this number plate read "4749" but the font was twisted to spell "Modi" in Hindi.

14. When a Ukrainian actress did this in admiration.

15. When a mango cultivator named a new variety of the fruit "Modi Mango".

16. When this guy made things Facebook-official.

17. When this child could barely speak but she cheered for Modi.

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18. And, of course, when the PM himself wore a suit with his own name printed on it thousands of times.

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