This Experiment Reveals That Indians Are Divided Over The Question Of Marrying Rape Survivors

“I want a clear girl for my son because he is clear.”

1. WTF India, a YouTube channel that conducts social experiments and pranks, asked people on the streets of Mumbai if they would marry, or let their son marry, a rape victim.

WTF India / Via

2. The results were heartbreaking.

WTF India / Via

4. And parents were not the only people to disapprove.

WTF India / Via

5. However, there were some people who stood up for rape victims.

WTF India / Via

6. And against those who shun them.

WTF India / Via

7. And they made us hopeful for a better future.

WTF India / Via

8. Watch the full video of the social experiment here.

WTF India / Via

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