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24 Things That Bring Utter And Immense Joy To Desi Girls

Watching your guests leave and then murdering that plate of samosas. <3

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1. Getting your upper lip freshly threaded.

Anurag Kashyap Films / Via

2. Getting through an entire episode of your favourite show without your internet conking out even once.

Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision / Via

3. Doing a besharam dance with your girls.

4. Hearing a desi guy talk in favour of women's rights.

Yash Raj Films / Via

5. Eyeing cuties at shaadis with your cousins or friends. / Via Dharma Productions

6. Finding out about desi girl badassery.

7. Finally performing that kickass dance you've practised for weeks with your crew at your friend's wedding.

8. Getting done with an amazing waxing sesh.

Yash Raj Films / Via

OMG I'm so smoooooth.

9. Looking in the mirror just after having your brows groomed.

10. Being asked out by a member of another ethnicity without being exoticised.

I'm not your mysterious desert princess genie goddess? Nice.

11. Executing a perfectly brewed sarcastic response.

12. Executing flawlessly dramatic replies in everyday conversations.

13. Not being stared down, like, once in your life while out and about in your city.

Dharma Productions / Via

14. Entering a mall and feeling the air conditioner blow magic onto your melted face because it's, like, 400 degrees outside.

Vishesh Films / Via

15. Looking fresh AF even at the end of a family function.

16. Finally finding brown girl friendly make-up.

Anurag Kashyap Films / Via

Since, you know, most of it is catered to much lighter skin (read: white).

17. Watching your annoying relatives leave.

18. And stuffing your face with the snacks they spared.

Mukta Arts / Via

19. Getting your clothes back from the tailor and they fit perfectly.


20. Checking your kajal in the afternoon and not seeing panda eyes.

Mahal Pictures Pvt. Ltd. / Via

21. Getting your nose pierced and not getting an ugz piercing pimple the next morning.

Vinod Chopra Productions / Via

22. Finding traditional accessories that go perfectly with your jeans-and-top look because sanskaari can be sexy too.

Yash Raj Films / Via

23. Swearing in your native language after and letting it alllll out.

Mukta Arts / Via

24. Watching mom walk into the room with chai and fries.

Curbside Films / Via