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    Posted on 27 Apr 2017

    19 Pictures You'll Only Understand If You Live In The UAE

    The magical land where the "hot" water side is cooler than the "cold" water side.

    1. This tragedy.

    K.C. Green

    2. This close-to-the-heart tattoo.

    3. This pain in the butt.


    4. This train anxiety.

    Buena Vista Television

    5. Turning on the "cold" water side in the summer.

    6. This footage of Dubai Mall on a Friday.


    7. And this lifelong journey if you metro it there.

    8. This small shopping-in-cash victory.

    9. This regular grocery shopping problem.

    10. This heartbreak.


    11. This Ramadan issue.

    12. The fear of getting ticketed for pretty much anything.

    13. This insufficient green chilli turshi with your shawarma.

    M.H / Via

    14. This local air freshener.

    15. This chicken preference.

    OVO Sound

    16. This same-ass menu for every Indian fast food café.

    Jabal Al Noor Cafeteria / Zomato / Via

    17. This problem, also common with Chips Sohar.

    South Park Digital Studios

    18. This achievement only some are blessed with.

    Dharma Productions

    19. And this monumental misconception.

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