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    24 Father’s Day Tech Gifts For The Dad Who Loves Electronics

    Time to make their day.

    1. A fast-charging wireless phone charger that doubles up as a kickstand, so they never run out of battery while on a video call with you. It'll make for a stylish and minimalistic addition to their work desk and help them finally get rid of pesky tangled-up cords.

    2. A pack of Bluetooth-controlled Tile Mates they can attach to things they tend to misplace. It's a great pick for the dad who's always looking for their wallet, car keys, or the TV remote. Anything can be tracked using the free Tile Mate phone app. They can even attach one to their phone and simply double-click the Tile to locate it.

    3. A vibrating massage pad with ten motors to release all the knotty tension built up in their neck, shoulders, back, and legs. It even has a warming function! And it’s so portable, they can use it in bed, on the couch, and even in their office chair.

    4. A WiFi-enabled Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, so nothing can stop Pops from getting through their new books. It has a glare-free screen and it adjusts with the light around, so their eyes won't be strained. Plus, you know those poor, overpopulated bookshelves in his library need a break.

    5. A powerful spot-cleaning machine for the dad who loves his space looking fresh and clean. It'll help them get rid of all kinds of spills, spots, and stains, whether they're on the carpet at home or in the car, without vigorous scrubbing. It's super portable and smaller than an average vacuum cleaner, so they won't have to about it taking up a ton of real estate.

    6. A heated shiatsu foot massager that'll take the toll off their tootsies. It has kneading balls that'll soothe tired arches and sore heels, but even if their feet aren't hurting, it's an incredibly relaxing experience that'll promote better blood circulation.

    7. A water flosser that'll upgrade their dental care experience in the comfort of their own home. It uses a powerful water spout to blast away debris and plaque and provide a dental deep-clean. There are ten pressure settings, so they can even use it to simply massage their gums to keep them in top health.

    8. A Bluetooth-enabled mini speaker that's totally waterproof. They can clip to their backpack when they're off on a hike or suction it to the wall in the shower to groove to some morning pick-me-ups. It supports six hours of high-volume play time per one full charge, meaning they'll probably be set for days.

    9. A set of braided iPhone cables that are super long, so they won't be restricted to one side of the bed just to get some juice in their device. I have these and the ten-foot cable is one of my favourite things! If you want to give them something they'll use every day, this is it.

    10. A bestselling portable blender that'll help them whip up their favourite green smoothies and shakes. It's USB rechargeable and has six powerful stainless steel blades that'll take seconds to turn their favourite fruits and veggies into fibre-packed morning drinks.

    11. A pair of wireless Bose headphones, so they can listen to their favourite artists while they go about their day. These are lightweight and comfortably surround the ear, providing a more resonant sound. Each charge lasts for up to 15 hours and audio synchronization across devices is as smooth as butter, too.

    12. A desktop cup warmer, so their coffee or tea can stay hot and taste fresh for hours. If they're the type of person who ends up microwaving their coffee, this will change their life. I'm saying this as someone who can't live without one of these! It has saved me from wasting and remaking coffee all day long.

    13. And a handheld electric frother that'll add a burst of luxury to their morning beverage. It makes any ordinary cup of coffee look and taste like cafe quality, so they won’t miss their regular Tim’s coffee so much.

    14. An external hard drive from Toshiba that'll help them make backups of their most precious data. It has 2TB of space and it allows seamless plug and play. And the sleek matte, smudge-proof finish provides a premium look, which is always a bonus.

    15. A rechargeable face and body trimmer that'll upgrade their grooming game, so they won't miss frequenting the barbershop. This one's shaped like a classic one-blade razor, and there are four stubble combs, so they can choose how long their want their facial hair.

    16. A bestselling car charging adapter from Anker that'll keep their devices at 100% on the go. Even though it's one of the smallest car chargers on the market, it can charge two devices at a time. Reviewers love how durable it is, so your dad will probably still be using it by Father's Day 2022.

    17. A Nintendo Switch Lite, because they probably have no idea how much they'll love it. This sibling of the Nintendo Switch may be small, but it doesn't compromise on its robust performance and offers a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience, so daddy dearest can burn away hours playing Super Smash Bros or Zelda.

    18. A teeny-tiny personal assistant in the form of an Echo Dot speaker. It'll help them manage everything — meetings, music, turning on the thermostat, starting the coffeemaker in the morning, or even just listening to some moody tunes. Now they can just ask Alexa to change the channel instead of asking you to come downstairs just to fetch them the TV remote. 🙃

    19. And a Fire TV stick, so they can watch everything they love on the big screen. This one comes with an Alexa-enabled remote control, which means they can just say, "Alexa, play History 101 on Netflix on the living room TV" to start watching.

    20. A Bluetooth eye massager to diffuse out the ache and strain from their eyes. It uses a combo of hot compress, air pressure, and vibrations to gently melt away the stress, so there's more late-night reading and movie marathons with fewer bad consequences.

    21. A set of dimmable LED night lights, so they never bump into anything when they get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (or to grab a snack from the fridge). No worrying about finding the light switch; these have motion sensors!

    22. A Fitbit tracker that'll help them keep track of their fitness levels, heart rate, and activity. It'll even keep their sleeping pattern in check, so they can make changes when they notice they haven't been getting enough rest. Plus, it's simple and stylish, so it'll probably go with anyone's personal aesthetic.

    23. A luxuriously slim iPhone case that has no brand logos on it for that perfectly plain, solid look they love. It'll protect their phone from scratches and minor bumps, without adding bulkiness to it.

    24. And lastly, vintage digital Casio watch which make them nostalgic and give them a classically fashionable appeal. It's a bestseller and has over 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon.com! It's also water resistant, and will last them a long time.

    So go ahead and make their day! 💝💝💝

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