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This Heartwarming ||Superwoman|| Video Proves That "Nice" Means The Same Thing Around The World

Lilly "Superwoman" Singh's fans, #TeamSuper, have a simple idea for how you can change the world.

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YouTube star Lilly Singh AKA IISuperwomanII has fans around the world and they call themselves #TeamSuper. In her latest video, several of them shared what they think it means to be "nice."

Here are some of the beautiful and thought-provoking things Team Super had to say.


Despite being from different countries and continents, and despite being of different ages, genders, races, and ethnicities, they all seemed to value the same things.


And by the end of the video, you'll be just as inspired as they are to change the world, beginning with one person being a little nicer: you.


Watch the heartwarming and powerful video in full here:

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