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This Pakistani Comic Book Brings The Country's Issue Of Child Marriage To Light

A team of youngsters have waged war against social ills, and their latest target is child marriage.

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Social issue-based pakistani comic Team Muhafiz, which launched in August last year, just released its third edition, and it tackles the region's problem of child marriage.

Illustrated by Babrus Khan and Colors by Rabiya Waheed

Child marriage, although punishable by the Pakistani law, is an existent practice in the country, especially in rural areas.

Girl children suffer the most.

Team Muhafiz and the Child Raiders is the story of Safiya, a schoolgirl whose passion for football is cut short by her family's plans for arranged marriage plans.

The issue explores the age-old tribal custom of "vani", whereby young girls are forcibly married as a punishment/price for a male relative's crime.

Illustrated by Babrus Khan and Colors by Rabiya Waheed

It is written by Team Muhafiz founder Imran Azhar and Samar Minallah Khan.