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    11 Times Bollywood Stars Bravely Opened Up About Their Deepest Personal Struggles

    And encouraged us all to do the same.

    1. When Deepika Padukone opened up about her depression.

    FADEL SENNA/AFP / Getty Images

    2. When Kalki Koechlin spoke about being sexually abused as a child.

    Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

    3. When Rati Agnihotri came out about escaping her abusive marriage.

    Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

    4. When Sapna Bhavnani told Humans of Bombay about surviving rape.

    5. When Mahesh Bhatt opened up about Parveen Babi, and dealing with a loved one who has a severe mental illness.

    Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

    6. When Kangana Ranaut, currently Bollywood's highest paid actress, talked about her struggles getting there.

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    7. And when she told an interviewer why she wasn't scared of warning her father when he hit her.

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    8. When Shenaz Treasurywala wrote about how facing sexual harassment as a teenager left scarred for life.

    Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

    9. And when Anurag Kashyap talked about surviving child sexual abuse.

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    10. When Shweta Tiwari opened up about her abusive marriage and its effects on her child.

    Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

    11. When Vidya Balan talked about her struggle with her weight.

    Anne-christine Poujoulat / AFP / Getty Images

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