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    24 Things Under $30 That’ll Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Hurting Your Bank Account

    Spend your summer in style.

    1. A half-sleeved shirt with an understated, cool grid pattern. It has a dipped hem that'll look great with some high-waisted pants or mom jeans. The fabric is a little sheer, but holds up well.

    2. A pair of sling-on sandals that'll feel as good on your feet as they look. They're made of stretchy fabric and have a summer-appropriate boho design. The soles are made of the same materials as a yoga mat, so you can walk with ease at home or outdoors.

    A person wearing the sandals

    3. A chic backpack that'll be a nice upgrade from the one you're currently using. It's spacious enough to hold more than just your essentials and can be carried like a handbag, too! The drawstring closure paired with the magnetic flap will keep all your stuff safe.

    4. A set of barrette clips that'll turn an ordinary updo or braid into something sophisticated. The marbled resin and chunky pearl designs are reminiscent of the '80s, plus, who doesn't love a throwback?

    5. A pre-sewn hijab, so you don't have to fiddle with pins and poke your thumb (and scalp!) the next time you're trying to hurriedly wrap your scarf. Reviewers love the that they can put it on in mere seconds and it looks great every time.

    6. A cropped tee that's knotted in the front for a stylish boost. The boxy cut makes it versatile for pants, shorts, or skirts, and it can be layered with a denim jacket or blazer on chillier days. Reviewers love how opaque and stretchy the fabric is.

    A crop top with a knotted front

    7. A metallic belt that'll take any outfit from plain to glam. It's stretchy, so you can decide whether you want your waist cinched high or low!

    8. Or a traditional tan leather belt, if you're more about function than frills. A little belt peekaboo can do wonders to tie up your look together! Reviewers love how thick and well-crafted it feels.

    A person wearing the belt with their hands in their pockets

    9. A set of rings you stack to add more edge to your 'fit or wear sparsely for a more elegant look. The best part is they come in both silver and gold, so you have something for every look. Plus, there are 67 rings in the pack, so feel free to share!

    10. A sheer nude-y nail polish that'll make long or short nails look ~dressed up~ instantly. Essie nail polishes dry quickly and last a long time, without chipping. This one has a gel-like formula, so you can enjoy a high-shine, glossy mani for up to two weeks!

    A person wearing the nail polish

    11. Some bestselling printed headbands that'll help keep your hair out of your face and look pretty while doing it. These are stretchy, so don't worry about getting a headache. The patterns are so colourful and refreshing, you'll want to take ten selfies in a row.

    12. Or some velvety pearl-studded ones that'll frame your face beautifully. There are three colours in a pack, so you'll have something to go with nearly every outfit in your wardrobe. Reviewers love that these don't give them a headache.

    Three pearl-studded headbands

    13. Some woven knot cufflinks that are an alternative option to traditional metal ones. They're made with stretchy silk rope that won't fray or get fuzzy, and are a great way to add a pop of colour to a plain shirt.

    Five pairs of cufflinks

    14. A pair of bestselling jersey shorts, so your legs can enjoy the breeze all season long. They have pockets and an elasticized waistband, making them ideal for a lakeside picnic, an evening run, or lounging on the couch.

    15. A pair of simple beaded bracelets made of natural stone that may help lift your mood. Plus, they're sweat and water resistant so they won't tarnish when you hit up the beach or gym.

    16. A collection of bowties that'll give your button-up shirts some theatrical spunk. They're adjustable and can be worn on formal occasions, as well as to add some playfulness to your ~casual dressed-up~ look.

    17. A high-waisted A-line skirt that'll fit your pinup or gothic aesthetic perfectly. Reviewers love that the fabric is a bit stretchy and drapes beautifully. But my personal favourite thing? It has POCKETS.

    18. A pair of round sunglasses, if you love a more vintage aesthetic. Not only will you get to enjoy a stylish rock 'n' roll vibe, but your will eyes also stay protected from the harmful rays of the blazing summer sun.

    A person wearing the sunglasses

    19. A fiery red lipstick from Maybelline practically guaranteed to look amazing on everyone. Red lipstick is a quick and easy way to look radiant, awake, and ready to take on the day. It's an instant mood-lifter for me personally.

    20. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses that'll help reduce your headaches and eye strain. Reviewers say the glasses come with a blue light tester and actually helped alleviate their headaches and prevent sore eyes.

    A person wearing the glasses

    21. A classic Casio watch that was probably a style fave for your dad back in the day, but it's making a comeback. The silver band is water resistant, so no need to worry about rain or sweat.

    A person wearing the watch holding a cup of coffee

    22. An artsy elephant card holder for the minimalist who likes to only carry their credit cards and a few essentials. It's made with RFID-block material and has zipper to ensure you never lose your transit card again.

    A person holding the wallet

    23. A pair of easygoing ballet flats, if you absolutely refuse to compromise on comfort. These are subtle, yet elegant, and have flexible rubber soles that'll stay comfy on your feet. Plus, the tan colour is a fresher alternative to classic black flats.

    A pair of ballet flats

    24. And finally, a set of gold necklaces you can wear individually or layer to make a statement. The set includes a plain chunky chain, an oval bead, and a modern-looking beaten coin. Reviewers say they were impressed with the quality for how affordable the set was.

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