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31 Times Bollywood Lyrics Disguised Bullying, Harassment, And Threats As "Love"

"Haseena maan jaayegi" is a pretty fucked up world view, y'all.

We all know Bollywood writers haven't done a great job understanding "consent".


On the contrary, plot lines have repeatedly enforced this: dudes should do whatever they have to do to get the girl, even if that means ignoring her "no" over and over again, following her when she's made it clear that she wants to be left alone, and using force and trickery to get physically intimate with her.

Anyone who's seen a '90s Bollywood flick will recognise the HORRIFYING visual of a large group of dudes chasing a lone woman who doesn't want to be chased... And pretending it's out of "love".

The worst part? It always works.

In the real world, these approaches will get you a slap and a trip to the cop station before they get you a girlfriend.

Here's a small sampling of lyrics that were WILDLY off-the-mark about the basic concept that when anyone says "no" to a sexual advance, you'd better fuckin' listen.

1. "Kab Tak Roothegi" β€” Haseena Maan Jayegi

Noteworthy lyrics:

Kab tak roothegi, cheekhegi, chillaaye gi?
Dil kehta hai ek din haseena maan jayegi.


How long will she get angry, yell, and scream?

My heart says one day this beauty will agree to be mine.

2. "Channe Ke Kheit Mein" β€” Anjaam

Noteworthy lyrics:

Mere aage pichhe shikariyo ke ghere,
Baithe wahan sare jawani ke lutere.
Hari mai hari pukarke,
yahan wahan dekhe niharke.

Translation (via hindilyrics):

All around me, hunters' traps;

Seated there, the plunderers of girlhood.

I was defeated, I was defeated as I cried out,

glancing wildly around.

3. "Kya Ada Kya Jalwe Tere, Paro" β€” Shastra

Noteworthy lyrics:

Aana chahoon paas tere, kyun tu mujhse bhage?
Tujhko toh bas paana hai, jo anjaam ho aage.


I just wanna come close to you, why are you backing off?

I wanna have you, don't care what happens next.

4. "Akele Na Bazaar Jaya Karo" β€” Major Saab

Noteworthy lyrics:

Deewana karogi duniya ko tum,
Agar baat meri na maano gi tum,
Nazar lag jayegi.


You'll make everyone go wild,

If you don't listen to me,

You'll get the evil eye.

5. "Bharatpur Lut Gaya" β€” English Babu Desi Mem

Noteworthy lyrics:

Jab re sipahiya ne kheechi mori angiya,
Haye mori angiya, dekho mori angiya,
Phir kya hua?
Bharat pur lut gaya, hui mori amma.

Translation (via bollynook):

Then the soldier started pulling my blouse,

Oh my blouse!

What happened then?

The whole Bharatpur got looted then, oh my!

6. "Chal Pyar Karegi?" β€” Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai

Noteworthy lyrics:

"Chal pyaar karegi?" "Haan ji haan ji."
"Mere saath chalegi?" "Na ji na ji."
"Tu haan kar ya na kar, teri marzi. soniye.
Hum tujh ko utha kar le jayenge."


"Will you love me?" "Yes, yes."

"Will you go with me?" "No I won't."

"Saying yes or no is your choice.

I will pick you up and take you away by force."

7. "Teri Kamar Ko" β€” Great Grand Masti

Noteworthy lyrics:

Tune jo dil ki baat na,

Maani toh karega zabardasti,
Baahon mein aaja tu,
mil ke karein great grand masti.


If you don't listen to my heart,

Then I'll have to use force,

Come into my arms,

Let's have some great, grand fun.

8. "Premi Aashiq Awara" β€” Phool Aur Kaante

Noteworthy lyrics:

Arre nakhrewali, na de humko gaali
Hamein tu ne jaana nahi,
Gulaabon ki daali, sharaabon ki pyaali.


Hey arrogant girl, don't cuss me out,

You don't know who I am,

You bough of roses, you glass of wine.

9. "Koi Haseena" β€” Sholay

Noteworthy lyrics:

Koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai toh,
Aur bhi haseen hojati hai.
Aur namkeen hojati hai.


When a beauty gets agitated and angry,

She gets even more beautiful,

She gets even more delicious.

10. "Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai" β€” Phata Poster Nikla Hero

Noteworthy lyrics:

Khali peeli khali peeli rokne ka nai,
Tera peecha karoon toh tokne ka nai,
Hai tujh pe right mera, tu hai delight mera,
Tera rasta jo rokoon, chaukne ka nai.


Don't stop me for no reason,

If I follow you, don't tell me not to,

I have a right over you, you're my delight,

If i stop you in your way, don't act shocked.

11. "O Mere Sona Re" β€” Teesri Manzil

Noteworthy lyrics:

O phir humse naa ulajh naa, nahee lat aur uljhan me pad jayego,
O pachatao gi kuch aise, ki yeh surkhi labon ki utar jayegi.


Oh, don't mess with me, or your hair will tangle some more,

And you'll regret it when your lipstick will come off.

12. "Neela Dupatta Peela Suit" β€” Hamesha

Noteworthy lyrics:

Neela dupatta, peela suit,
Kahan chali tu dil ko loot?
Dil mein tere haan hai haan hai,
Honthon par aata hai jhoot.


Blue dupatta, yellow suit,

Where are you heading after stealing my heart?

Your heart says "yes, yes"

The "no" on your lips is a lie.

13. "O Laal Dupatte Wali" β€” Aankhen

Noteworthy lyrics:
Oh laal dupatte wali tera naam toh bata.
Oh kaale kurte wali tera naam toh bata.
Kal ke liye apna koi program toh bata.
Jo saath gujarenge aaisi koi shaam toh bata.


Hey girl in the red shawl, tell me your name.

Hey girl in the black shirt, tell me your name.

Tell me what we will do together tomorrow.

Tell me a night you'd like to spend with me.

14. "Gandi Baat" β€” R...Rajkumar

Noteworthy lyrics:

Raja beta banke maine jab sharafat dikhayi,
Tune bola "hatt mawaali", bhaav nahi diya re,
Acchi baatein kar li bohot,
Ab karunga tere saath gandi baat.


When I was a gentleman to you,

You said, "Go away, rascal!" and gave me an attitude,

i've been polite to you, but enough,

Now I'll get dirty with you.

15. "Aa Aa Ee O O O" β€” Raja Babu

Noteworthy lyrics:

Faisla maine kiya, na aise peechha chhodunga,
Hai yehi meri tamanna, dil se dil main jodunga.


I have decided, I won't leave you today,

My only desire is to have your heart.

16. "Aao Raja" β€” Gabbar Is Back

Noteworthy lyrics:

Main tera jaanu, tu ban meri jaan,
Aaj nikalunga tere praan,
Teer lagega nishaane pe jaa ke,
Karunga main waise, takaa ke.


I'm your love, you be my love,

Today I'll leave you breathless,

The arrow's gonna hit the target,

I'll do it so hard.

17. "Khambe Jaisi Khadi Hai" β€” Dil

Noteworthy lyrics:

Aankhon mein ghussa hai, labon pe gaali hai
Dekho zara dekho yaaron khudko samajhati hai kya.
Humne khaayi hai kasam, todenge iska guroor.


Anger in her eyes, curses on her lips.

Look at her, who does she think she is?

We've sworn to break her pride today.

18. "I Love You Bol Daal" β€” Haseen Maan Jayegi

Noteworthy lyrics:

Ay, kaiko mach-mach kar reli hai?
Maa kasam apni bhi thodi si hatt reli hai.
Naatak naatak chhod, seedha haan bol de.


Hey, why are you fussing?

I swear on my mom, this is starting to piss me off.

Stop your drama BS and say yes to me.

19. "O Jaane Jaana" β€” Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin

Noteworthy lyrics:

O jaane jaana, zara ruk jana. Tu ne mujhe jaana nahi.
Sab kuch kehna magar yeh na kehna ki mere peeche aana nahi
Tere peeche aaonga main, apna banaonga
Jayegi bachke kahan?


O darling, stop right there. You don't know who I am.

Say anything you please, but don't tell me not to chase you.

I will chase you and make you mine.

You think you'll be spared?

20. "Bach Ke Tu Jayegi Kahan" β€” Jeevan Ek Sanghursh

Noteworthy lyrics:

Hothon pe hai nahin nahin,
Dil mein magar tere haan
Bach ke tu jayegi kahan? (2x)


Your lips say "no",

But your heart says "yes",

Where can you run to off to be spared now?

21. "Razia Gundo Mein Phas Gayi" β€” Thank You

Noteworthy lyrics:

Allah bachaye teri jaan, ke Razia gundo mein phas gayi.
Isko na sone denge, kisi ka na hone denge,
Kahin ka na chhodenge isse.
Aahein bhi na bharne denge,
Uff bhi na karne denge.


God save her now, Razia is surrounded by goons.

We won't let her sleep, we won't let her be.

We will humiliate her.

We won't let her sigh.

We won't even let her wince.

22. "Tak Taka Tak" β€” Zameer

Noteworthy lyrics:

Mujhse mila le aankhen, maanegi na tu kab tak?
Mujhe dil na degi jab tak,
Peechha karunga tab tak.


How long can you refuse to get with me?

I will stalk you till you give me your heart.

23. "Tera Peechha Na Main Chhodunga" β€” Jugnu

Noteworthy lyrics:

O jaan-e-jigar, din mein tu agar mujhse na mili
Sapnon mein aake saari raat jagaunga
Tera peechha na main chhodunga, soniye,
Bhej de chaahe jail mein.


Oh love, if you don't meet me in the day,

I'll come in your dreams at night and won't let you sleep,

I won't stop following you, pretty,

Even if you have to send me to jail.

24. "Jaane Do Na" β€” Saagar

Noteworthy lyrics:

"Jaane do na." "Paas ao na."
"Chhuo na chhuo na mujhe.
Chhodo kalaai, dekho, ro dungi. Pas na ana mar jaoungi."
"Pyaase honton ki jo kahani hai, pas aa ke tumhein sunani hai."


"Let me go please." "Come closer."

"Please don't touch me, please.

Leave my wrist, I'll cry. If you come nearer, I'll die."

"Come closer, I have to tell you the tale of my thirsty lips."

25. "Dheere Dheere Chalna" β€” Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge

Noteworthy lyrics:

Dheere dheere chalna, yoon na tu matakna,
Solwa saal hai, haaye kya taal hai.
Par ek baar tu dekh palat ke, munda bhi kamaal hai.


Walk slowly, don't be swaying your hips.

You're sweet sixteen, ah, what a melody you are.

But do turn back and look, I'm so handsome.


26. "Nahi Nahi Abhi Nahi" β€” Jawaani Diwani

Noteworthy lyrics:

"Nahi nahi, abhi nahi, karo thoda intezaar."
"Nahi nahi, kabhi nahi, main hoon beqaraar.
Main bhi jawaan, tu bhi jawaan.
Kami hai kis baat ki?"


"No no, not now, you must wait."

"I won't, never, I'm restless.

I'm young and you are too,

What are we waiting for then?"

27. "Towel Mein Bahar Jaogi" β€” Eena Meena Deeka

Noteworthy lyrics:

Towel mein bahar jaogi toh halla mach jayega,
Bhola bhala roop hai, nagin jesi chaal hai.
Kabse main bechain hoon, poochho na kya haal hai.
Bhari jawaani dekh ke aashiq ka dil lalchayega.


If you go out in a towel, you'll cause a riot,

You look so innocent, you walk like a serpent,

I've been restless for so long, don't even ask how I feel.

Seeing such wholesome youth, a lover is going to get impatient.

28. "Excuse me" β€” Style

Noteworthy lyrics:

"Excuse me." "Kya re?"
"Mera dil tere pe fida re.
Bus stop pe dekha tujhe pehli baar,
Bus stop pe hogaya tere se pyaar.
Bolta hoon main sachi baat.
Samajh mat isko bakwaas kya."


"Excuse me." "What?"

"I have lost my heart to you.

Saw you at the bus stop the first time,

Fell in love at the road bump.

I'm telling the truth, don't think this is BS, okay?"

29. "Jaane Do Na" β€” Cheeni Kum

Noteworthy lyrics:

"Jaane do na, mujhe toh jaane do na.
Chhodo baahein meri, mujhe toh jaane do na.
Na na zidd na karo, tumhe meri qasam.
Suno jaane bhi do na.


"Let me go. Let me go please.

Let go of my arms, please let me go.

No, don't be so stubborn.

I insist, please let me go."

30. "Tukur Tukur" β€” Diwale

Noteworthy lyrics:

Dil mein haan hai, hothon pe naa,
Bhare bazaar mein dil tod gayi zaalima.
Tukur tukur dekh taka tak.


Yes in her heart, but no on her lips.

In a crowded bazaar, she broke my heart, the tyrant.

Ogle ogle ogle constantly.

31. "Ladki Hai Kya" β€” Laadla

Noteworthy lyrics:

Morni si chaal chale, chain dil ka loote,
Jane na dekho dekho.
Rang jawaan, roop haseen, chhed de to roothe.
Maane na dekho dekho.


She walks like a peahen, it makes my heart thump,

She doesn't know, look look.

Youthful complexion, gorgeous beauty, if someone touches her,

She doesn't consent, look look.

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