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    Umm, Guys, Modi Has The Worst Sense Of Rhythm Ever

    This is like seeing myself struggling among my actually talented friends.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Meghalaya today, and did a lot more than official stuff, and staring wistfully at waterfalls.

    He met with the natives of Mawphlang village, and proceeded to take music lessons from them.

    He even got a pat on the back for doing a good job, which was obviously done as a courtesy, because HE CLEARLY HAS ZERO SENSE OF RHYTHM.

    First they taught me how to play it & then one of them patted me on the back. A special moment. Honoured & humbled.

    Respected PM, HOW can you mess up playing such a basic instrument, please explain this. What is going on here?

    And here is one more. Have a look.

    GOD BLESS the generous people of Mawphlang who somewhat succeeded in teaching him the ABCs of rhythm here. We are forever indebted to you all.

    More music in Meghalaya.

    Maybe a cooouple more lessons, but good try, NaMo.

    BuzzFeed India / Imaan Sheikh

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