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    13 Times "Koffee With Karan" Guests Sassed The Hell Out Of Their Host

    "Sassy With Karan".

    1. When Aamir dropped this answer with a straight face.

    hotstar / Via

    2. And when his nephew Imran pulled Karan's leg.

    3. When SRK and Kajol were a dream team of sass.

    4. More than once.

    5. When Twinkle delivered this ice-cold answer.

    6. And should've just been called Mrs. Savagebones.

    7. When Kangana infamously pwned Karan.

    8. ...A few times.


    9. When Farah gave him a taste.

    10. And revealed a lotta truth.

    11. When Ranveer was all "who do you think you are?"

    hotstar / Via BuzzFeed

    12. When Kareena trashed Karan's fashion sense.

    hotstar / Via BuzzFeed

    13. And when Anushka gave it to him like it was.


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