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So, The Indian Flag Comes Up When You Google "Namak Haraam Country"

And no, it's not because Google thinks India is a namak haraam country smdh.

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People have been sharing screenshots of their search results from looking up "Namak haram country" on Google, and all of them look like this.

Guys go and write Namak haram country on google and see who is Namak haram. #nooffense

Guess why Google thinks India is ‘Namak Haram country’ Blogger: @owaais_16

Yup, we tried it too, and the Indian flag does show up when you look up "namak haraam country".


While a lot of people are laughing or getting angry at the search results, there's a simple reason why India comes up, and it's this 1973 Bollywood film called Namak Haraam.

Looking up certain movie names and the country of their origin will sometimes show you the country's flag.


In fact, Googling "namak halaal country" will give you the same result as "namak haraam country"...


Because THAT's also a Bollywood movie.


One Pakistani news channel even grabbed the opportunity to make a small news bit on the Google search.

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Welp, now you know what to tell anyone who shows you the screenshot.