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    25 Useful Things Under $50 That You Won't Regret Buying

    Because buying a few great things is better than buying many mediocre things.

    1. A beautiful duvet and pillow cover set that's made of soft-brushed microfibre fabric, making it extra plushy. The dark colour makes it easy to get away with tiny stains until laundry day, and the simple pattern will complement any room.

    2. A reusable pet hair remover brush that'll have your clothes looking clean, even if your pet decided to jump on you for cuddles just before you were leaving for work. The best part? You'll never have to buy refills for it!

    3. A magical instant stain removing pen that'll take care of all the food and drink spills you get on your clothes. Let's face it: you're probably going to use this daily.

    4. A corrective brace that'll fix slouching, backaches, and all your posture-related problems. It'll help bring your real height back, too! Did you know bad posture can take away inches of your height because it compresses your spine?

    5. Neutrogena's T/Gel therapeutic shampoo will relieve the peskiest scalp problems, like seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, flaky dandruff, itching, and inflammation. Reviewers say it's like a miracle in a bottle and helped them get rid of the stubborn, painful scalp problems that they've had for years.

    6. A nail repair treatment that'll get rid of any pesky and unsightly toenail fungus, protect your nails, and prevent discolouration. The solution in these strengthens your nails and also inhibits infections in the future!

    7. A beautiful Persian rug that'll add warmth and colour to your living space. The rugs come in 18 sizes, so there's something for every room, no matter how big or small.

    8. A rocking garlic crusher that will do all the hard work for you. No more mincing, chopping, and getting your fingers all sticky and smelly.

    9. A set of breathable lace undies, because they're sexy and comfy (and you KNOW your old underwear has holes and really needs to be replaced). These are affordable and will keep you panty line free.

    10. A gel ice therapy hat that reviewers say is a must-have for people who suffer from migraines. It's also great for anyone who suffers from sinus pain or allergies.

    11. A cordless water flosser that gently uses water to blast away debris and plaque and uses oxygen bubbles to reduce the growth of oral anaerobic bacteria. You'll fall in love with the feeling of deep-cleaned gums, all without using traditional floss!

    12. An activity book that'll help you manage and learn more about your anxiety in a funny and relaxing way. It covers the fear of public speaking, anxiety around Googling your symptoms, and soothing facts that could diminish restlessness.

    13. A bestselling memory foam seat cushion that'll elevate your butt AND provide back and tailbone support while you're driving, eating, working, or doing just about anything. It has nearly 1,200 positive reviews in Canada!

    14. A five-in-one ultrasonic aromatherapy oil diffuser that improves air quality, functions as a humidifier, and protects you from allergens in the home, so you aren't sneezing your head off. You can control the colours and brightness using your phone.

    15. A handheld percussion massager that you can use to target any area of your body that needs some TLC. It has five different heads that will cater to all different kinds of muscle relaxation needs.

    16. A very elaborate magnetic repair tool kit that'll help you fix everything — from crooked glasses and gaming consoles, to phones and laptops! It has 117 pieces, so it's pretty much guaranteed to fit all kinds of screws.

    17. Some bamboo charcoal air-purifying bags that absorb all the bad, mildewy, smokey, sweaty odours, and excess moisture from your life. Throw it in the closet, put it in your car, scoot it into your fridge, and let it freshen up your life.

    18. A string of bestselling self-adhesive LED lights that can be stuck on to the periphery of your vanity to give it a spanking new Hollywood-style redo. These are dimmable, and their warmth level can be adjusted as you please.

    19. A pair of premium Dockers moccasin slippers that are so soft and light, you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud. The slippers have memory foam on the inside which will feel like a hug for your feet.

    20. A life-changing extra-large cat litter disposal bin that locks in odour, makes your litter last longer, and makes poop scoopin’ a breeze. It can store up to 21 days of poop (for a single cat)!

    21. Some mouldable glue that's basically a squishy miracle. It can repair your charger cords, shoes, pots — virtually anything. Use it to bond or seal things together. It's waterproof, temperature resistant, and sets to a rubbery, silicone finish overnight.

    22. A soy wax candle that'll get rid of any odours left by your pet in the home. Your apartment doesn't have to smell like a wet mop just because Spot really enjoys walks in the rain.

    23. A soft and breathable pyjama set you can sleep in comfortably AND look cute in as you lounge at home. It's made of cotton jersey, so you'll love how it glides on the skin!

    24. A faux fur cape that'll make you want to be referred to only as "Your Royal Highness." This comfortable and cozy wrap shawl will make any dress look more luxurious and expensive.

    25. And lastly, a suspended metal storage basket, so you can make use of under-shelf space in a refreshing and stylish way. It's a blessing especially if you're short, because it's not only useful in the kitchen, but you can use it basically anywhere you have a shelf. Pantry? Check. Bathroom? Check. The possibilities are endless!

    You after making some solid investments:

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