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    Posted on 7 Jun 2016

    How Are Shahid Kapoor And Mira Rajput So Terrifyingly #RelationshipGoals???

    Stop restoring my faith in arranged marriages, you two.

    Hi, everyone. We all know Shahid Kapoor married Mira Rajput last year and here he is looking at her like she's the most precious person in the whole world.

    Strdel / AFP/Getty Images
    STRDEL/AFP / Getty Images

    As always.

    And I'm kinda sick of how cute they are together. Mira has Shahid's number saved by the name "Tommy" on her phone FFS.

    Shahid Kapoor / Via

    When Mira found that Shahid was playing the role of Tommy Singh for Udta Punjab, she said, "Tommy was not the name of a guy, it was the name of a dog!"

    Since then, she has had his number saved as "Tommy" on her phone.

    He literally crops himself from his own Instagram posts sometimes to feature her.

    Where to find a boy like this, LMK.

    The few stories they've told the media are the cutest. For example, Mira's strict "condition" to marry Shahid.

    Shahid Kapoor

    “The only condition she laid down for me was that when we get married, I will not have coloured hair. She made me promise that when we marry I would sport my normal hair colour. She warned me not to wear my hair red on our marriage day. When I married her a month later, I made sure I behaved myself and looked like a decent groom," Shahid Kapoor told Bombay Times in a recent interview.

    They're kinda opposites who can't have enough of each other.

    Shahid Kapoor told Hindustan Times that he's been in relationships with people from the industry, but it's the best to return home to a non-industry partner and it keeps their relationship healthy. “I’m not interested in what’s happening in your industry. Let’s discuss what we are doing for lunch tomorrow or where are we going," she says to him.

    They took the stage on their sangeet in the best way possible.

    And have not stopped being adorkable AF since.

    Shahid even confirmed media reports of Mira's pregnancy in style.

    And hasn't been able to stop showing off Mira's preg-glow.

    They're not just cute, they also manage to look grown and sexy whenever they please.

    They literally met four times and decided to be together forever. HOW TO FIND SUCH SURE LOVE IN AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE?


    Stop being so enviably goals, you two.

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