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    18 Reasons Every Woman Should Follow Poet Rupi Kaur On Instagram

    "our backs / tell stories / no books have / the spine to / carry"

    1. On fear.

    2. On body hair.

    3. On being a woman of colour.

    4. On fathering.

    5. On being like water.

    6. On not being "like other girls".

    7. On sisterhood.

    8. On being nothing.

    9. On being more than a vessel.

    10. On toxic men.

    11. On menstruation.

    12. On abusive relationships.

    13. On child sexual abuse.

    14. On being outspoken.

    15. On the greatest lesson.

    16. On the wrong kind of paternal kindness.

    17. On marriage.

    18. And on being extraordinary.

    To get your hands on Rupi Kaur's book of poetry and prose Milk And Honey, click here.

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