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18 Reasons Desis Keep Winning The Hair Accessory Game

Not all princesses wear an ordinary crown.

1. It's no secret that when it comes to being ~ornamental~, we desis just can't help being OTT royal.

2. And so when it comes to hair accessories, we make no exceptions.

3. Most of us have grown up seeing our moms do the most glamtastic updos ever.

4. Our casual flower power goes beyond hippie chic with gajras.

5. And even though white mogra gajras are the bomb, they don't only come in one type of flower.

6. There are intricately-made ones too. Seriously, never underestimate what desis can do with flowers.

7. We've got jaw-droppingly beautiful things like jhoomars going on.

8. And not all accessories have to be heavy. A small maang teeka can make a statement.

9. You don't have to be a bride to rock this stuff.

10. Even the tiniest, most delicate version will make a stand-out hair accessory.

11. Oh, and the recently popularised earring-to-hair thing? We've been doing it for centuries.

12. Hair decor doesn't get more adventurous than this wedding-worthy fusion.

13. The maatha patti frames any face flawlessly.

14. And things get super multipurpose. You can use a jhumka as a jhoomar, and an Indian-style necklace in your hair, like this.

15. The teeka and the maatha patti have a beautiful baby called maang patti too.

16. Even simpler weave-in options, like the classic Punjabi paranda, are nothing short of flawless.

17. It comes in plain, coloured, and several glitzy forms.

18. Remember, none of these are restricted to being paired with desi clothes only, so have fun with them.