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    Residents Of The World's Most Air-Polluted City Confess What Takes Their Breaths Away

    According to Greenpeace, 10,000 Delhiites die prematurely every year because of air pollution. This video shows why it's a city worth saving.

    The air that Delhiites breathe has become polluted to extremely dangerous levels. Green Peace India asked the residents of this city a question.

    The answers were as human...

    ...As they were sweet.

    And they contrasted, much like the colours of the vibrant city.

    But there is more to Delhi than the cool breeze, the sunsets, and the tunes the elements of the city hum in unison.

    Watch Delhiites confess their love to their city here, and learn why it's a city in dire need of some clean-up.

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