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    Residents Of The World's Most Air-Polluted City Confess What Takes Their Breaths Away

    According to Greenpeace, 10,000 Delhiites die prematurely every year because of air pollution. This video shows why it's a city worth saving.

    The air that Delhiites breathe has become polluted to extremely dangerous levels. Green Peace India asked the residents of this city a question.

    Greenpeaceindia / Via

    The answers were as human...

    Greenpeaceindia / Via

    ...As they were sweet.

    Greenpeaceindia / Via

    And they contrasted, much like the colours of the vibrant city.

    Greenpeaceindia / Via

    But there is more to Delhi than the cool breeze, the sunsets, and the tunes the elements of the city hum in unison.

    Greenpeaceindia / Via

    Watch Delhiites confess their love to their city here, and learn why it's a city in dire need of some clean-up.

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