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    Can You Pick Which Rahul Was Actually The Worst?

    Naam toh suna hoga.

    If you're a '90s kid, you probably think of an adorable, romantic guy whenever you hear the name "Rahul". But like most dreams adulthood shatters, this one has got to shatter too: Rahul is a fuckwad.

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    We've established Rahul is pretty awful, but which Rahul is the worst of them all? Let me help you decide.

    1. The Darr Rahul

    Yash Raj Films

    The Darr Rahul sucks for a plethora of obvious reasons, like he was literally the damn villain. Darr Rahul was a stalker and psychotic lover with a murderous mind. Also a bitchbag who won't take "no" for an answer from a woman.

    2. The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Rahul

    Dharma Productions

    The KKHH Rahul only cared for women who crushed their own personality and dreams to become what he wanted. He judges Tina on her skirt, but when she sings a hymn, he's attracted to her. He doesn't love Anjali enough to even give her a call when she goes away, but wants her when she's all sanskaari years later. Breaks her engagement too.

    "Rahul" may as well mean "fuckboy" at this point.

    3. The Yes Boss Rahul

    Venus Records & Tapes

    The Yes Boss Rahul may seem like a simple sweetheart but he is actually a piece-of-shit extraordinaire. First of all, his job is to "trap" women to sleep with his boss. Then, he's disloyal to his boss too because he's macking on these girls himself. And lastly, a dude tells Rahul's mom that he's married so HE ACTUALLY MAKES A GIRL MARRY HIM SO THE LIE CAN BE MAINTAINED.


    4. The Dil To Pagal Hai Rahul

    Yash Raj Films

    Umm, these are actual subtitles in the picture above, BTW. The DTPH Rahul was sexist as fuck. He was also shamelessly selfish, as he tried to keep Nisha on standby (occasional flirting) while trying his luck with Pooja. Then went as far as BREAKING POOJA'S RELATIONSHIP to get with her. We all found it pretty cute, but in hindsight, all I see is an asshole with mediocre charm.

    5. The Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Rahul


    The K3G Rahul didn't understand what consent was, as always. He slut-shamed his sister-in-law on a daily basis. He left his family for the one he loved, which goes to show at least he had a spine, but he never gave enough fucks to check up on his little bro, who had played no part in forcing him to leave.

    6. The Chennai Express Rahul

    UTV Motion Pictures

    In the 2013 film Chennai Express, Rahul continues to not understand the concept of personal space. Dude literally misses his train, and should be worried right now, but nah, he's busy hitting on a girl at the train station.

    So let me ask you what I was here to ask you...

    1. Which Rahul is the worst?

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    Which Rahul is the worst?
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