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    Posted on 13 Sep 2016

    13 Instagrams That Prove Rytasha Rathore Is An Absolute Baller Of A Human Being

    What a boss.

    This is Rytasha Rathore, badass actor whose TV serial about a plus-size bahu Badho Bahu, premiered on &TV in September, 2016.


    1. And though her character may be that of a meek Haryanvi bride, Rytasha is actually an absolute fuckin' baller IRL.

    2. And her approach to life is super chill.

    3. She's a fashionista with years of acting training and theatre experience.

    4. Here she's using her acting chops to hilariously dismiss stupid ideas of what a "bikini body" should look like.

    5. Basic-ass things don't float with her.

    6. And one of her weakest points is her inability to give a shit.

    7. Her sense of ~casual summer style~ is A++++.

    8. And she's clearly a pro at fall fashion too.

    9. She isn't scared of calling out haters.

    10. If you look very closely, you can see no flying fucks about stereotypical ladylikeness in the smoke here.

    11. She's not scared of being a total goof in her #Kaarnamey video series.

    12. But humour aside, she's also a bit of an adorable emotional gangsta.

    13. She's here to take on the silver screen, and we believe SHE CAN DO IT. 🙌🙌

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