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16 Reasons Madhuri Fans Are Incurably In Love With Her

~Mad about Madhuri~

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1. First of all, look at this face.

Rajshri Films / Via

2. That's Madhuri for you, the epitome of class...

3. ... And sensuality.

Mukta Arts / Via

4. Like seriously, she's got the moooves.

Shree Bahubali Pictures / Via

5. Her expression game is on point.

6. She's freaking adorable and not scared of being goofy.

7. At 48, she glows like a 16-year-old.

8. Her beauty is only matched by her wit.

9. She made Shahid Kapoor a disciple with LITERALLY her left hand.

10. She regularly participates in amazing initiatives to better the future of children.

Honoured to be associated with cause of #RoutineImmunization to ensure healthy future for children. @UNICEFIndia

11. Especially little girls.

At #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao campaign with our honourable PM @narendramodi ji

12. She's a lovely person who doesn't believe in badmouthing her competition.

13. And she pretty much changed Hrithik's life by being awesome.

14. She's been nominated for 42 awards and won 25 of them.

Benaras Mediaworks / Via

15. She absolutely slays old Bollywood glam.

SLB Films / Via

16. But even her modern-day glam is flawless.

17. And she's basically magic and goals of all sorts.


You be you, Goddess Madhuri.

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