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13 Of The Most Hilarious Pakistani News Reporter Moments Ever

News reporting doesn't always have to be serious business. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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1. When this short-tempered dude just couldn't take it.

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2. When this guy got monkeyed around with.

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3. When a motorcyclist ruined everything.

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4. When this poor guy got cornered by some chillaxed bullies.

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5. When a lol-troll sabotaged this report.

6. When this guy just could NOT contain his excitement for rain...

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7. Or for working out...

Hahaha. Geo's Amin Hafeez is at it again

8. Or for fish...


9. Or for cattle...

Amin Hafeez reporting carrying @JalladeAzam in arms Lovely 😍😍😍

10. Or for kabaddi...

11. Or for this kid's future...

12. Or in general, TBH.

Amin Hafeez reporting @JalladeAzam 😛

13. And, of course, when the iconic and legendary Chand Nawab reported on Eid.

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