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    Indians And Pakistanis Are Using The Hashtag #ProfileForPeace To Send Each Other Messages Of Love

    Not today, hate politics. Not today.

    Tired of the increasing hate politics between India and Pakistan, Mumbaikar Ram Subramanian started a beautiful campaign yesterday called #ProfileForPeace.

    It didn't take long before other Indians started joining in.

    After which the campaign went viral.

    And Pakistanis started tagging their selfies with #ProfileForPeace too.

    Now, thousands of shares later, contributions are still pouring in by the minute...

    From people of different all ages and walks of life...

    And different regions, even conflicted ones...

    Celebs are beginning to partake too.

    Here's to tonnes of messages from folks who want peace and friendship to extend beyond borders...

    Because we're all the same.

    To participate, tag your love note selfie with #ProfileForPeace on social media.

    BuzzFeed tried getting in touch with Ram Subramanian, the initiator and organiser of the campaign, but hasn't received a response yet.

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