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    35 Amazing Things I Honestly Can’t Believe Cost Less Than $5

    Bougie but make it budget.

    1. A bestselling soft toque to keep you warm and fashionable for the winter months. It comes in over 58 colours, so you'll have a ton of options to pick from. They're also perfect for gifts.

    2. A strawberry sorbet-flavoured lip balm which comes in the cutest packaging. This is 100% organic, keeps your lips moisturized, and smells amaaazing. You'll have to resist the urge to eat it.

    3. A pair of beautiful stainless steel airplane cufflinks that look way more expensive than they are. They'll have you looking super professional for under $2!

    4. Or some gold-plated opalescent pink cufflinks to polish your look to the next level. This set includes a pair of cufflinks and four button studs.

    5. Some adorable kitty gel pens that will brighten up your desk or pencil case in an instant. All the cats in the bunch have different expressions!

    6. A dainty statement geometrical metal clip to look like you put more effort into your ’do than you actually did.

    7. Five pairs of polka-dotted comfy and casual cotton socks any dog lover would go crazy for.

    8. A pair of gorgeous, uniquely designed, translucent socks made of cotton and crystal lace.

    9. A ton of beautiful nail decals with 12 different patterns including tropical leaves, dainty pastel flowers, and exotic birds, so you can remain in the summer mood even while it's winter.

    10. And if you'd rather celebrate wintertime, stick on some elegant gold nail snowflakes to make your manicure look professional, expensive, and snowy. Each set has 90 pieces!

    11. A silicone scalp massager that will help lather shampoo into your hair better, and promote healthy hair growth.

    12. Pair it with some anti-residue shampoo that'll help get rid of buildup on your scalp caused by styling products or sebum, which can cause breakouts and inhibit health hair growth.

    13. A flat top brush that makes applying foundation and other cream products a dream. Because it has synthetic bristles, it doesn't absorb a lot of your foundation.

    14. While you're at it, why not also add this fluffy crease brush to your cart? It'll blend your eyeshadow to perfection.

    15. A mini atomizer, so you can take your favourite perfume or aftershave anywhere without having to carry the entire heavy glass bottle.

    16. A durable black stainless steel ring that'll give your hands an edgy touch while remaining subtle.

    17. Or this shiny stainless steel ring with a chain design for that rockstar glam.

    18. Some colour-coded reusable produce mesh bags that are light but tough, and won't tear on you. No more disposable plastic bags, yay!

    19. Some collagen-enriched skin renewing body lotion that will protect you against the ashiness winter is about to bring upon us all.

    20. A pack of dental treats for your doggo because they're SUCH A GOOD DOG, and don't deserve to have bad breath or tooth problems.

    21. A pair of soft and cozy cable knit leg warmers that are super stylish, so you're still cool while you remain warm. 😎

    22. A zippered silicone pencil case that's littered with cats, and is legit the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    23. A battery-operated LED night light that can light up in seven colours, and is shaped like a mushroom (omg!).

    24. A pair of cut-resistant gloves so you can grate, slice, and chop with full confidence. These are surprisingly light and comfortable for a product that can withstand a sharp blade.

    25. A durable organizer you can slip inside any unsectioned handbag or tote to make sure your stuff is neatly arranged, and not just floating around in the abyss that is your bag.

    26. Some shoe cream that'll condition and moisturize your leather footwear. It's like a spa for your shoes, and it's available in pretty much every colour you'll need.

    27. An absolutely adorable little cable guard that will protect the connector end of your charging cable from splitting or fraying.

    28. Some comfortable shoe insoles that'll fight foot odour and keep your feet fresh and dry. These are especially useful now that that's winter boot time.

    29. A phone ring holder that every Studio Ghibli fan absolutely NEEDS.

    30. A lovely metal donkey keychain because everyone loves a little ass (I'm sorry).

    31. Some beautiful coloured kohl liners to give your waterline a pop of colour, because simple old mascara or winged black liner can get boring.

    32. A metallic rose elastic headband that'll tie any look together, and keep your ponytail or up-do in place.

    33. Or a soft headband with bunny ears that you can use to put your hair back as you wash your face, do your makeup, or put on a face mask.

    34. A silicone applicator that's like a little spatula for your face. It makes face mask mixing and application a mess-free experience.

    35. And finally, an artificial plant to add some character and greenery to your apartment, without the added pressure of having to keep a plant alive.