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    22 Useful Products You Should Probably Own By The Time You Turn 30

    If you're at the stage of discovering muscles you didn't even know could hurt, enter here.

    1. A water flosser that'll upgrade your dental care experience in the comfort of your own home. It uses a powerful water spout to blast away debris and plaque and provide a dental deep-clean, so oral bacteria gets no time to develop into toothaches. There are ten pressure settings, so you can even use it to simply massage sore gums to keep them in top health.

    2. A bestselling tool kit that'll help you take care of every little repair in your home, so you won't have to shell dough on hiring a professional. It’s got 128 pieces of durable, professional-grade tools that all fit in an easy-to-carry case.

    3. A powerful foot mask, because all that walking has probably taken a toll on your tootsies. It comes in the form of two wearable booties drenched in exfoliating and moisturizing serum that'll help repair coarse soles and cracked heels in the first use. Reviewers say they love how soft and clean their feet feel.

    A pair of feet with the mask booties on

    4. A digital kitchen scale, because frantically Googling "what does 100 grams of sugar look like" in the middle of your baking session should probably stop now. This one is super sleek and it comes with batteries, so you can start making an elaborate sweet treat right away.

    A digital scale

    5. A 12-inch memory foam mattress that's filled with green tea gel to keep you cool all night. It adjusts to the contours of your back, so you sleep as comfortably as possible. Your hardworking body deserves the splurge, don't you think?

    6. A beautiful duvet cover set, so your pillows can finally match the comforter consistently. It has a tropical print that'll add liveliness and nature to your room, and the breathable microfibre fabric will keep you comfy and well-ventilated all night long.

    A matching pillow and comforter set

    7. A realistic-looking fake rock that'll come in handy, especially if you live on your own. You can store a spare apartment key in it — then, just hide the rock in a planter outside your door, so if you forget your keys, you won’t have to call up a locksmith.

    8. A handheld percussion massager for all the body parts you're just now realizing can hurt. Unlike dedicated massagers, this one can target ANY area of your body that needs some TLC. It has five different heads that will cater to all different kinds of muscle relaxation needs.

    9. A pair of bestselling blue light-blocking glasses that'll help prevent sore eyes and headaches that come from extended screen time. Whether you're gaming late, working on your laptop, or bingeing-watching Netflix, these will make screen exposure gentler, which may also help regulate a disturbed sleeping pattern.

    10. A handheld bidet that takes take butt hygiene to the next level. If you're not used to bidets, it may be a strange sensation at first, but you'll fall in love quickly. Not only will you save on excess toilet paper, but your butt will be grateful it doesn't have to go through all that abrasive wiping.

    11. And speaking of butts, try the Squatty Potty. It's a stool that will help you prop up your feet and get in the ideal pooping posture. If you often experience constipation or have haemorrhoids, try giving this bad boy a go! Reviewers say they feel so much "emptier" after using it. Let's just say things slide out effortlessly.

    12. A bestselling underwear organizer set, because you deserve better than shuffling through a junk drawer for a pair of undies. It has divided slots for your undies, bras, socks, vests, and other delicates, so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. I have one and it keeps my bras from having those weirdly dented, misshapen cups.

    13. A tube of Neutrogena Hydroboost sunscreen, because it's never too late to start preventing sun damage! It won't leave a white cast on your skin (despite being SPF50), and it has a gel-like texture that doesn't simply sit on the skin, but blends in to give you a natural flushed glow.

    14. A sleek vacuum robot that'll do all the hard work for you. This small, but mighty device has packs a strong suction function, without being loud. Plus, it's self charging and suitable for all floors — tile, hard wood, or carpet.

    A person sits on their sofa with a dog while the vacuum moves on the floor

    15. A bestselling nourishing hand cream, because you owe your helpful hands one. It's non-greasy, hypoallergenic, and can help condition and nourish all skin types. Reviewers say they saw results almost immediately.

    16. A bestselling wall clock in a gorgeous combination of black and rose gold, because something about wall clocks just screams, "I have my life together." It has a simple design — no unnecessary bells and whistles — and the bold digits are easily visible against the contrasting background. You probably won't have to squint if you don't have your specs on.

    A rose gold watch

    17. A button-up pyjama set, because you've gone years pairing random tees and shorts for bed, and deserve a nice coordinate set. It's made of a cotton-flannel blend, so you know it's softer than soft.

    18. A prickly tool that'll help remove all the hair that has clogged your shower drain, so you won’t have to pay a bunch of money to a plumber to fix it. Clean it afterwards and it's ready to reuse! Or throw it away if you find yourself dry-heaving — you still have four more in the pack.

    19. An emergency sewing kit that has all the supplies you'll need to quickly fix rips, holes, and buttons at home. Now you’ll be able to repair curtains, linens, and pillowcases — or even fix that raggedy hem on your favourite shirt.

    The sewing kit including threads and tools inside

    20. A bottle of Olaplex hair repair treatment, so you can take of years of colour-treating and heat-styling your hair in the quickest way possible, without spending salon money. It works on a molecular level to condition your hair shaft.

    21. A pair of Bluetooth-controlled Tile Mates that you can attach to things you tend to misplace. Track your wallet, keys, or ear pods using the Tile Mate phone app. If you attach one to your phone, simply double-click the Tile to locate it.

    22. And finally, a set of velvet hangers, so your clothes can finally stop sliding off and forming a hill at the bottom of your closet. Now that fall's coming, you're probably going to reorganize your closet anyway, and these will make sure you don't have a huge mess at your hands by the end of the season.

    *clink clink*