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    22 Problem-Solving Products That’ll Save You Time, Money, Or Both

    And most things on this list are under $30!

    1. A bestselling reusable mask that'll take your protection and style to the next level. Not only do these come in stylish patterns, but each mask has five layers to filter out the bad stuff. And they're totally washable, so you won't need to buy another multipack of disposable masks again.

    2. A universal lid that'll fit a multitude of pots and pans, so you won't have to buy separate lids. It has a heat-resistant silicone rim and handle which will help prevent accidental burns in the kitchen.

    3. A stainless steel hair-removing spring that'll revolutionize the way you get rid of your facial hair. The spaces in the spring grab on to hairs like several tiny pairs of tweezers and remove them in seconds!

    4. A fashionable jersey toque that's lined with satin on the inside, so your hair won't suffer from friction-induced breakage and static. It’s especially great for voluminous or curly hair and will leave it luscious and free of frizz. Think satin pillowcase, but any time, anywhere.

    A person in a beanie

    5. A reusable oil-absorbing roller from Revlon that's made of very, very thirsty volcanic stone. It'll instantly suck excess oil off your skin, so you won't have to use tons of blotting sheets or powder your nose every other hour.

    6. A little beauty spatula that'll allow you get the product from the bottom of your skincare and makeup products. It may look like this is the end, but there's still at least five wears' worth of foundation in that expensive bottle you shelled out dough on!

    7. A collection of potted succulents for anyone who has no time for plant maintenance. These are artificial, but look like the real deal. They're small enough to fit comfortably in any nook of your home, and they never die, so you won't need to stress about keeping them alive.

    8. A waterproof seat liner that'll take away all the stress of taking car rides with your dog. Its unique design provides hammock-like coverage, so your dog will feel protected and you won't have to spend on a car cleaning (or replacing your seat upholstery) afterwards, either.

    9. A heavy-duty bike lock that'll make sure no crook steals your wheels. It's resistant to dust, dirt, and water corrosion, and comes with two keys, so you always have a backup in case you lose one. Reviewers love the solid build and value for money.

    10. A bunch of silicone bottle stoppers for when you overestimate your abilities and can't finish one bottle of wine. It forms an airtight seal that'll keep your reds rich and whites crisp, even weeks after you've first popped the bottle.

    11. A super-sturdy chew toy that'll keep your dog from munching on the corners of your furniture. It's specially designed for aggressive chewers and it comes in chicken, bacon, mint, and peanut flavours, meaning your pup won't even wanna look at your pitiful-tasting coffee table again.

    12. Some acrylic mirror stickers that take minutes to install and are a great affordable cover-up option for a visibly damaged wall in your home, too. They'll reflect light to make your room look more spacious. The hexagons come individually, so you can play around and create a pattern that suits your room best.

    13. A stylish pre-sewn hijab, so you won't have to spent 15 minutes fiddling with pins to secure it before you head out for the head. They're made with a non-slip, breathable fabric that'll feel silky soft on your face and hair.

    14. A reusable coffee filter that'll save you from buying disposable ones for up to five years. Not only is it a worthwhile investment in terms of money, it also makes living a low-waste life so much easier.

    A bucket-shaped coffee filter

    15. An electric fabric shaver that'll remove lint from pilled-up clothes, linens, and upholstery like magic, so you won't have to replace your sweaters every other winter. It's twice as powerful as most fabric shavers on the market, and its sharp blades are designed to take the fuzz off fabric, without snagging knits.

    16. An ultrasonic cleaner that'll make your tarnished, dirty jewelry shine like it just came from the store. All you need is tap water, but reviewers say it also works brilliantly with a little bit of mild dish soap and manages to get the gunk right out of trinkets that simply won't sparkle with the old toothbrush treatment.

    A small jewelry cleaner

    17. A LifeStraw that'll make your hikes and camping trips extra stress free. It filters contaminated water (without using any chemicals!) and gets rid of 99.999999% of bacteria and parasites, so you can catch a healthy drink basically anywhere.

    18. A water garden that's also a fish tank. It's a closed-loop ecosystem where the plants and fish help have a symbiotic relationship and help each other stay alive and thriving. You'll always have fresh, homegrown herbs, a couple of new pets, and a cool home decor item.

    Kids sitting on a kitchen counter top next to the product

    19. A Kindle e-reader, so you can carry your whole library with you anywhere. Not only will you be able to buy books in a few clicks, but ebooks generally cost less than physical books, so you’ll save money, too. It's slim and small, so it stores easily, and the screen is glare free — it actually looks like paper!

    An e-reader on top of a bag next to a pair of sunglasses

    20. A bottle of O.P.I. RapiDry spray which will dry and harden your nail polish in 60 seconds, so you won't end up smudging your meticulous application. This product has won multiple beauty awards and great for people who are always on the go.

    21. A pack of facial razors you can use to quickly and painlessly shape up your brows or remove hair from other parts of your face. No need to book another salon appointment! These also help shave off the top layer of dead skin cells, so you'll be left with a glowing complexion.

    22. And finally, an adorable earring album, so you can keep your favourite pairs paired and don't have to spend 30 minutes finding the perfect accessory to go with your look. This makes ravelling with jewelry a lot easier, too! You'll never end up with a crushed dangly earring in your luggage again.

    Money? Pocketed. Time? Saved. Problems? Solved.

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