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    23 Beautiful And Useful Products For Anyone Obsessed With The Colour Pink

    Think pink? We have you covered.

    1. A porcelain planter with a shiny finish and a lightly faded design that gives it a vintage charm. The tripod bottom sets it apart from ordinary planters, and you can even use it to store your stationery, candy, or makeup brushes.

    A pot with plants in it

    2. A chic backpack that'll be a nice upgrade from the one you're currently using. It's spacious enough to hold more than just your essentials and can be carried like a handbag, too! The drawstring closure paired with the magnetic flap will keep all your stuff safe.

    A person wearing the backpack

    3. A soft cushion that'll bring a boost of positivity to your living room couch or bedspread. The embroidery is not only elegant, but quite literally makes a statement.

    A cushion that reads All You Need Is Love

    4. A pre-sewn hijab, so you don't have to fiddle with pins and poke your thumb (and scalp!) the next time you're trying to hurriedly wrap your scarf. Reviewers love the that they can put it on in mere seconds and it looks great every time.

    5. A bunch of edible sugar pearls you can sprinkle on your baked treats to make them look and taste even sweeter. They're an upgrade from regular sprinkles and you should definitely check 'em out if you love a little ~sophistication~ in your baking.

    6. A fuchsia shirt dress that has a minimalistic design, but is bold enough to make heads turn. You can wear it casually with graphic socks and sneakers, or dress it up with a belt and some heels. It's silky and lightweight, so you won't get swampy with sweat, either!

    7. A reusable tie-dye mask that'll feel super soft on your face and will give you break from buying packets upon packets of surgical masks. It can be tied around your head, so you won't end up chafing the back of your ears after a long day out.

    A mask

    8. A pair of heart-shaped rimless sunglasses that'll add a romantic edge to any outfit and protect your peepers against harmful UVA and UVB rays. They come with a cleaning cloth and a protective pouch, so you can take them anywhere, without accidentally scratching them up in your bag.

    9. A glittery nail polish that'll dress up long or short nails in an instant. It’s quick drying and formulated with the properties of both a base and a glossy top coat. All in one little bottle! You can basically slap it on and head out.

    10. A velvety pearl-studded headband that'll not only keep your hair out of your eyes, but also frame your face beautifully. It has a cute knot design on top and it has no sharp ends, so you won't end up with a headache or hair breakage.

    A headband with pearls sewn into it

    11. A collapsible silicone cup that'll protect your hands from the temperature of your beverage and save space in your bag on kitchen. Just press down on it and it squishes to 1/3rd its size. Plus, it comes with a silicone straw.

    12. A pet carrier backpack that'll let you take your cat or small dog on strolls (or to the vet, shh). It allows pets to look outside using a fishbowl-style bubble window and has ventilation holes, so don't worry about your buddy having a having a hard time breathing.

    13. A pair of double-sided bath mittens that'll let you exfoliate your body without spending $$$ on expensive scrubs. One side will help softly lather your skin and the other will help remove dead cells more vigorously. I've used them and they're very effective on making "strawberry legs" smoother (if you have 'em, you know what they are).

    A pair of bath mittens

    14. A hand-drawn print that'll add trendy softness to your wall. Its subtle, yet standout hues are not only inoffensive and calming, but won’t clash with the rest of your home decor, if you’re not a fan of very bright pops of colour.

    15. A short lil' floral mug that emphasizes that kindness is always in fashion. So steep yourself some calming tea or froth up a cappuccino, maybe give your mom a call, and text your loved ones asking how they are.

    A short mug

    16. FOREO's he LUNA Mini 2 cleansing tool, which uses pulsations to dislodge gunk and makeup residue from the skin. There's no rubbing or scrubbing involved at all! It's the upgrade every skincare lover wants in their arsenal.

    17. A pair of Nike running shoes, so your sprints will be easier on your soles, ankles, and knees. The sole is filled with tiny foam beads designed to take the pressure off your legs as you do another lap.

    A pair of sneakers

    18. A soft pink glass that exudes fairytale vibes with its floral detailing. Pour yourself some red wine and immediately feel like a royal, or just use the shorter glass to store trinkets on your dresser.

    19. A Fujifilm Instax Mini 11, so you can capture your favourite memories and have classic little polaroid prints of them in your hand immediate. This instant camera even has a one-touch selfie mode, and the auto-exposure feature makes snapping pics in all kinds of lighting a breeze.

    20. A pair of floral earrings that look so dainty and delicate, people may think you're wearing real flowers in your ears. They have a charming gold accent in the centre that keeps them from looking costume-y.

    21. A tube of Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick in a muted pink colour that'll light up anyone's face. It's very long lasting, but won't leave your lips dry and crackly. Reviewers love how it withstands the oiliest of snacks and the messiest of mealtimes.

    22. A pair of plush slippers that'll make you feel like royalty as you saunter about in your home. Not only is the fuzzy part soft, but the soles have memory foam in them, so they'll basically learn how to be as comfortable as possible for your feet.

    A pair of slippers in a box

    23. And finally, a 39-piece tool kit that'll help you do your own repairs, so you aren't phoning a professional to come and fix every little thing. It has two screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers, a cutter, measuring tape, hex keys, screwdriver bits, and other handy tools you'll find yourself using often.

    A tool kit in a case

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