This Is Pakistan's First Anti-Homophobia Children's Book, And It Is Beautiful

    "My Chacha Is Gay" is about a young boy named Ahmed and his gay uncle.

    Earlier this year, Toronto-based Pakistani blogger and artist Eiynah 'Nicemangos' wrote a blog post titled "My Chacha Is Gay".

    "My Chacha Is Gay" is about a little boy named Ahmed, his gay uncle, their family, and Pakistani and Muslim society as a whole.

    "It may be a children's book – I've broken it down and simplified it – but it's definitely not just for children," Eiynah told BuzzFeed.

    "I feel there are very few resources for children in our country that are not painted with a religious brush. When I see the state Pakistan's in, I feel like perhaps we need to start on teaching social acceptance and tolerance at a younger age. I don't think majority of us see the urgency of doing that. If we did, things might be different," she said.

    "Of course I knew that Pakistani culture/society was homophobic but since this project the extent of that homophobia has shocked me. The kinds of hate mail I get – calling for the death of Chacha, equating my book with Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses". People have literally told me I am worthy of death because I am an enemy of "god" because of this book."

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    "My Chacha Is Gay" can be ordered online here.