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13 Photos Where Shah Rukh Refused To Give A Shit About What You Might Think

SRK does what he wants, okay?

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1. When he met a vicious primate on set, wore his skin, and casually switched mouth accessories.

2. When his face was so fucking intense, he had to use a comically animated looking water gun to neutralise things.*funnypictures*Celebrities*2012*10*4*Funny_Shahrukh_Khan_wfcon_Indya101(dot)com.

3. When he wasn't scared of showing that he's terrified shitless of soap bars.

4. When he confidently demanded a kiss but Aamir was shit at understanding seduction.

5. When his glasses were lopsided but so is your mom.

6. When he wasn't scared of making a statement by making no sense whatsoever.

7. When he was having a bad teeth day but didn't give a shit because brows were on fleek.

8. Or when his brows were not on fleek but no one disobeys Shah Rukh Khan sooo.....

9. When he chewed with his mouth open in a red bathrobe and it still made a magazine spread.

10. When he had to channel his inner wolf but was too busy doing the #KylieJennerLipChallenge.

11. When he literally shoved his awards into his facial orifices because he didn't have a shelf to put them on.

12. When he got a magazine cover while harbouring a basketball, child, watermelon, I-don't-even-know-what under his T-shirt.

13. When, honestly, I don't even know what originally happened, but an anonymous source reported no fucks were given.