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Shivaji Satam Is Pretty Happy Being Recognised As "CID's" ACP Pradyuman

"I have always thought of Sean Connery as James Bond," he told Times of India.

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Let's face it: The first thing that comes to our minds when we see this picture is "Hey, that's ACP Pradyuman and his team!"

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All thanks to CID reruns on Sony and the 1,000,000,000s of CID memes on Facebook.

"I have always thought of Sean Connery as James Bond. It's always a compliment for an actor when he is known by the part he has played. This is also because it's a healthy show and its characters are positive," he told Times of India.

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An earlier version of this post mistakenly implied that actor Shivaji Satam wants to retire from the show. We've edited our post (including its headline) to correct this heartbreaking, panic-inducing, blasphemous error. *shudders*


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