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    Just 30 Really Nice Things For Anyone Who Lives Alone

    You deserve them.

    1. A soft, shredded memory foam pillow that you can plop down anywhere to enjoy your book. It's like a portable couch for one — only more supportive for your neck and arms.

    2. A realistic-looking fake rock you can store a spare apartment key in — then, just hide the rock in a planter outside your door, so if you forget your keys, you don’t have to hire a locksmith.

    3. A super fluffy velvet flannel duvet cover that'll cozy up your bedroom and amp up its Instagram ~aesthetic~. It's durable and has a zipper closure, which means no scratchy Velcro to get your hair stuck in!

    4. An electric frother, so you can make foam-tastic cappuccinos without having to buy a bulky milk frothing machine. It has a double-spring whisk head, making it easier and faster to froth a large cup of milk.

    5. An Amazon Fire Stick, so you can enjoy ALL of your subscription services (and unsubscribe from your cable)! If you've always wanted a smart TV, worry not — this makes ANY TV a smart TV. 😎

    6. A handheld steamer that'll make de-wrinkling your clothes a total breeze. You don't have to buy or set up a whole ironing and ironing stand. Just take five minutes to steam up those clothes you've been putting off wearing to work!

    7. A soft serve maker that will help you create yummy vegan and dairy-free alternatives to ice cream, froyo, and sorbet. Most ice cream makers come with a large barrel to make enough ice cream for a whole family, but this handy, non-bulky device will give you exactly the amount of dessert you want.

    8. A recipe book that'll answer the age-old daily question: What The F🍽🍽k Should I Make For Dinner? If you find yourself ordering in often, but want to cook at home more, this book is a great place to start. It has a 4.4-star rating!

    9. This single sandwich maker that's going to make you wanna cook breakfast every day instead of just picking up an egg and cheese sandwich at Tim's.

    10. A Click and Grow garden that'll help you grow you own herbs indoors, no matter what the weather's like outside! If you live alone, you KNOW the tragedy of herbs going bad in the fridge because you only needed a few sprigs for your recipe.

    11. And if you want company, this microgreen garden is also a fish tank! It's a closed-loop ecosystem where the plants and fish help each other thrive through a symbiotic relationship. It looks cool AF and you always have fresh herbs on hand.

    12. An Instant Pot, because it'll save you a ton of time and money in the long run and can pressure-cook, sauté, slow-cook, make fluffy rice, steam veggies, and warm up food. It's perfect for meal preppers!

    13. And since you often reheat leftovers when you live alone, this little steam cleaner will steam up your microwave, softening all the bits of food stuck inside it and making them a breeze to clean.

    14. A handy tool for measuring pasta that'll help you make just the perfect portion you need to go with your sauce, so you don't end up with a container of extra plain spaghetti in your fridge ever again.

    15. A beautiful handcrafted wooden coin chest you can put all your change in, so it stops ending up under your bed, in your sofa, and at the bottom of your backpacks.

    16. A powerful bullet blender with just enough capacity to make a large smoothie. You'll be able to whip up beverages and blend soups without having to pull out (and wash) a big jug-style blender.

    17. A drawer organizer, so you never have to shuffle through an entire drawer full of socks just to find a matching pair. It'll also help you organize your other underwear, bras, and will keep everything accessible.

    18. A Nintendo Switch Lite, so you can enjoy gaming at home OR on the go. This sibling of the Nintendo Switch may be small, but it doesn't compromise on its robust performance and offers a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. And since it’s so portable, you won’t be stuck in front of the TV.

    19. A magical instant stain removing pen that'll take care of all the food and drink spills you get on your clothes. This will help you extend time between laundry days and keep your clothes fresh and clean.

    20. A weighted blanket that actually feels like a warm embrace. Reviewers say it's helped them sleep like a baby! Weighted blankets are believed to help with anxiety, stress, and insomnia, and even PTSD. You're likely going to have your most restful slumber in weeks.

    21. An extendable tile and tub scrubber that'll help you thoroughly clean your bathtub, without giving you a sore back. It has an antimicrobial head and is specially designed to reach all the gunky corners, so you don't have to get bendy!

    22. An expandable bamboo bathroom tray that'll allow you to relax with in the bath, while you catch up on a show or read a thrilling book. There's lots of space for other little items, like your phone, a candle, or a glass of wine.

    23. A breathable mesh pillow that suctions right onto your bathtub to support your head and neck, making bath time extra relaxing. It is anti-microbial, so you can rest easy knowing no mould or bacteria will grow on it over time.

    24. A vibrating massage pad with ten motors to release all the knotty tension built up in your neck, shoulders, back, and butt. It's super portable and flexible, so you can use it on the bed, on the couch, and even take it to work and use it in your office chair.

    25. Speaking of ~vibrations~, the Satisfyer Pro 2 simulates oral sex, licking, and sucking, and can be used on different parts of the body to give you the most mind-blowing sexperience, all on your own! Reviewers love its ability to change intensities.

    26. A pack of fertilizer spikes that are full of nutrients and will help revive plants that are nearing death. They're also a great measure to use preventively on healthy plants to ensure they keep thriving, since being a single plant parent ain't easy!

    27. A 2-in-1 diffuser and humidifier that'll make the dry winter air easier on your respiratory system. It also works as an essential oil diffuser, so you can enjoy the benefits and soothing fragrance of your favourite oils in your bedroom or living room whenever you like.

    28. A pet carrier backpack that'll allow you to take your four-legged friend on strolls. It allows small pets to look outside using a fishbowl-style bubble window.

    29. A water-resistant Bluetooth shower speaker that'll make sudsy time a lot more entertaining. If you're the kind of person who absolutely needs to listen to music or your fave podcast while soaping up, this is a perfect pick-me-up for your morning singalongs.

    30. A woven doormat that's perfect if you're an introvert who really doesn't want to answer the doorbell. It's made of all-natural materials so it's biodegradable, and will last you a long time.

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