Here’s The Epic Ice Bucket Song That You Didn’t Know You Needed

“It’s a raise awareness challenge, it’s a wise awareness challenge.”

1. If you think all the coolest celebs in the world are already done with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


2. You are sorely mistaken.

Vennu Mallesh / Via

3. One man saved the best for last.

Vennu Mallesh / Via

4. You may remember Vennu Mallesh from the viral hit song “It’s My Life, Whatever I Wanna Do”.

Vennu Mallesh / Via

Follow this link for the video, in case you’re living in oblivion and don’t know about the legendary song.

5. Vennu Mallesh made an entire song about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Vennu Mallesh / Via

“It’s an ice bucket challenge, it’s a nice bucket challenge.”
You’re so kind, Vennu, no one ever appreciates the buckets involved.

6. Mr Mallesh, can you tell us a little about the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Vennu Mallesh / Via

Oh Vennu, poignance is thy name.

7. So where does the ice water go in this challenge?

Vennu Mallesh / Via

Oooh, it’s spilled over one’s head? Thank you so much!

Take notes, guys.

8. Vennu, can we ask you a few more questions ple—

Vennu Mallesh. / Via

Let’s just cut the bullshit and get to business, Vennu style.

9. Superpower: Skull so strong, it doesn’t break with ice cubes dropping on it like hail stones from the sky.

Vennu Mallesh / Via

Vennu was chill az fux even before the ice started falling.

10. Watch the full song to witness the glory that is Viral Vennu.

Vennu Mallesh

Only you can win like this WHILE spreading awareness, VM.

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Imaan Sheikh is a writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Dubai.
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