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    Posted on 13 Oct 2015

    17 Photos That Prove The Only Person You Need Is Yourself

    Had a break-up? Can't make friends? Fam probs? Guess what: You have you.

    Hi. Are you alone? Don't be sad because guess what? You're in great company and there's a lot you can do without others.

    Taher Shah

    1. You can drop acid and meet your tangible subconscious.

    2. You're not accountable to anyone so time and space are your personal bitch.

    3. You don't have to live by other people's definition of success.

    4. You can have a foursome via Photoshop.

    5. You can ask yourself to allow yourself to take a selfie with yourself.

    6. You can, uh, penetrate yourself.

    7. You can unwind at the beach in your own glorious company.

    8. You can compliment yourself constantly while hating on others.

    9. You can live undisturbed in your own bubble(s). Literally.

    10. If you try hard enough, you can summon your own ghost. Twice.

    11. You can give yourself a makeover and be the only judge.

    12. You can frame photos of yourself and put them on all the walls.

    friendly indian pictures and co

    13. Or you can frame your face in a frame of your faces.

    14. Your photo albums look beautiful because they only have your photos.

    15. You can be in the driver's seat AND outside, 'cause guess what? No rules.

    16. And you get time to look back on your life and reflect.

    17. So don't be sad and enjoy the me-time.

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